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Town of Frankfort centennial

Schools,   pp. 57-75

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District No. 1 and Sub District No. 2 decide on borrowing money
to build a new school in each of these Districts. The Town
Chairman was to go to Wausau to see where money could be
borrowed and to vote on building a new school in District No. I
and to borrow $525.00 payable in 10 years at 7% interest. The
vote was 15 for and 1 against signed by the following: S.H.
Schooly, Julius Hannemann, Joe Hilger, Chas. Schneider and
Joan Baikel The money was borrowed from the National
American German Bank of Wausau. $525.00 for District No. 1
and $375.00 for District No. 2.
March 15, 1897
The executive Committee appointed Perry Swan as clerk of
District No. 1 but he declined so William Braun was appointed.
March 29, 1987
The Town School Committee agreed between Joint Sub.
District No. 2 Town of Frankfort and Hull to hire Ella Brother-
ton as a qualified teacher for $26.00 per month.
According to the Town of Wien records before Frankfort was
an organized Township, a log school house was built on the
NW,NW cornerin Section 26; land nowowned by Roger Bohman.
There was no record of when it was built, probably before the
year of 1880, and it was designated as school District No. 3.
The first annual school meeting was held on June 5, 1882.
Elected for Director was John Siemeson for 3 years, and Wil-
helm Ohse for Treasurer for 2 years. Resolved to hire a male
teacher for 5 months at a salary of $35.00, also resolved to raise
$300.00 in taxes, $200.00 toward teacher's salary and $100.00
to repair the schoolhouse, furnishing the wood and the books for
the teacher.
On November 1882, the Superintendent, Thomas Goune
sent a Mr. Moritz Johow out to teach the children. The board
hired him at $35.00 per month. On December 6, a letter was
received from the County Superintendent to stop Moritz Johow
from teaching. On January 1, 1883, the board hired Cecelia
Barny to teach the youngsters. The number of children attend-
ing school that year over the age of 4 and under the age of 20 were
12 males and 23 females.
1895 must have been the last year this school was in opera-
tion since the next entry following the 1895 annual School board
meeting was the sale of the school in District No. 3.
A legal school meeting held on April 13,1896, authorized the
school board now composed of Henry Severin as Director, John
Lallanthin, Clerk and Ed Protze as Treasurer to designate a site
for a new school. The board purchased one acre of land from
John Week on the SWSW corner in Section 25. The bid to build
a new school, size 22 by 32 for $400.00 was given to John
Hughes. The new district now known as District 5 included Sec-
tions 25-26-27-34-35-36 and part of section 33.
School District 5
There are no record of the original District No. 3 and the new
District No. 5. The last minutes were of the annual meeting on
July 6, 1896. Some time after the year of 1896 or later, part of
the Town of Eau Pleine must have voted to join school district
No. 5 in the Town of Frankfort.
A special Joint meeting between Town of Frankfort and
Town ofEau Pleine was called on October 18,1917. At this meet-
ing it was voted that the Joint School District No. 5 of the Town
ofFrankfort be detached from District No. 5. Town ofEau Pleine
and District No. 5 of Town of Frankfort be attached to district
No. 4. There was no record found as to whether this ever took
place. On November 19, 1917 a hearing was held at the town
hall to form a new school District to be known as District No. 6.
This was about the time a new school was built on the SESE
corner in Section 25.
The School was built about 1917 and was called the Upham
School. It was named after a prominent family of Marshfield.
Circa1899: School District No. 2
This school was built in 1885. The building was destroyed by fire a few years later
1. August Gartman, 2. Tony Schmirler, 3. Elsie Zenk, 4. Freddie Rich, 5. Hattie Rich, 6. Minnie Giese, 7. Frank Bobert,
8. Willie Gartman, 9. Annie Zenk, 10. Sebastian Martyn, 11. Henry Giese, 12. Hugo Bobert, 13. Willie Milchert, 14. Ewald
Bobert, 15. Clara Schmirler, 16. Annie Mohr, 17. Susie Schmirler, 18. Martha Giese, 19. Peter Martyn, 20. Rudolph Mohr,
21. Clara Bobert 22. Emma Mohr The teacher on the right was Annie Larson, of Wausau. Mrs. Martyn Sr., can be seen
looking through the window.

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