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Town of Frankfort centennial

Town of Frankfort fire control pond,   pp. 24-26

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MAY 2, 1988
Motion to have the town be renumbered to use fire numbers as
part of the mailing address in the Colby, Edgar, Abbotsford and
Stratford postal departments. (Athens is already using the
AUGUST 1, 1988
(Monitoring wells have to be installed at landfill site before next
license will be issued, plans have to be submitted by Feb. 89.)
Motion to close landfill.
Motion to have clerk and chairman meet with Town of Hull clerk
and chairman to sign landfill closure agreement.
MARCH 6,1989
Motion to purchase truck from A-1 Enterprises. Road between
Sec. 26 and 35 will be worked on.
Used truck purchased from A-1 in 1989. The truck was
purchased for $11,475., a 9' wing was purchased for
$4,885.00, extra equipment was added and it was given
a new paint job. The total cost was $17,275.00.
JUNE 5, 1989
Motion for clerk to take map and address list provided by county
with corrections and additions.
JULY 3, 1989
Motion to change name of grader fund to equipment fund.
AUGUST 7,1989
Motion to use 2 payment plan on tax collections, with first
payment due local treasurers office by Jan. 31 and balance due
County Treasurer by July 31st. Motion to accept surcharge
increase to 135% from Kurtzweil Appraisals as lastincrease was
in 1984, and a partial re-assessment has to be done in each town-
ship annually.
Motion to participate in the Marathon County well water
testing program, as a cost of $6.00 per test.
OCTOBER 5,1989
Motion to sign a 3 year contract with Valley Sanitation of
Marshfield, Inc. beginning 1-1-90 for 2 -8 cu. yd containers to be
served once a week.
NOVEMBER 30,1989
Motion to adopt budget with a $44,000.00 local levy.
DECEMBER 11, 1989
Motion to set a limit on length of time town would pay group
insurance in case of illness or non-work injury to three months,
thereafter, cost would be employee responsibility.
JANUARY 8, 1990
Town Board was informed of Centennial this year.
Motion to have 2' casing added to well at town hall, well treated
and pumped.
Motion to charge $15.00 for permit for new homes as DILHI
Safety & Buildings Division now requires all municipalities tx
issue a Wisconsin Building Permit application for one and twt
family dwellings. Motion to purchase an 80 AMP charger for
garage. Motion to purchase a 2 ton chain hoist for garage,
Motion to continue the Centennial book project Chairman ha
started, and ask residents via annual report for pictures ani
history of the town.
MARCH 5, 1990
Motion to pay bill of $955.00 for composition and paste-up o
town's history to Roto-Graphic Printing, Inc.
APRIL 9, 1990
Motion to have monthly meetings the second Monday of th
month starting in June 1990 as many bills don't arrive in tim
for the first Monday.
APRIL 10, 1990
Motion to limit brush cutting expense to $3,000.00 but to finisi
the mile, can run over limit.
JUNE 11, 1990
Motion to appoint a Centennial Committee, being: Leta Ebben
Marian Schemenauer, LaVerne Bornowski, Delores TelschoA
the late Dorothy Loskot, Loddie Loskot, Ray Bandle, Leonar
Jantsch, Judy Rodman and Marlene Carter, under the supervi
sion of Sue Weber. Motion to choose the "Perfect Binding", 1 00
copies 150 page book at a cost of $5,063.00.

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