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Town of Frankfort centennial

Township records,   pp. 7-24

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Ted Grammerretired from his post as clerk of the Town of Frankfort, and was honored with a plaque during a dinner at the Olde Cedt
House in Abbotsford. From left are town board members Leonard Jantsch, Marlene Carter, who is succeeding Grammer; boar
member Loddie Loskot; Grammer; treasurer Fred Totzke and board member Ray Bandle. Grammer served as clerk for 10 year
APRIL 11,1983
Motion to replace bridge by Seegers between Sections 1 & 12
with two large culverts. Motion to charge $25.00 an hour for
grader. Motion to accept bid of $75.75 for pony patrol grader.
Motion to sign contract for re-evaluation in 1985 with Rupert
Kurtzweil for a base price of $8,625.36 which includes current
year assessment.
DECEMBER 7,1983.
Motion to accept resignation of Frank Borchardt as zoning
deputy effective 12-1-83. Motion to appoint Marlene Carter as
zoning deputy. (Frank passed away 12-22-83).
Motion to appoint Aaron Totzke to fill remainder of term for
constable. Motion to adopt the revised guidelines for Marathon
County General relief.
APRIL 9, 1984
Motion toreplace bridge between Sections 11 & 12 with culverts.
Motion to leave zoning as is and not to change to Exclusive
Agriculture Zoning. Motion to not sign landfill closure agree-
Motion to adopt ordinance to charge up to $350.00 for fire run
reimbursement effective 4-1-85
APRIL 9, 1985
Motion to allow Town Board to set salaries of other elected
officials. Motion to buy right of way on Town Line Road.
Motion to bill church in township for snowplowing the same rate
as residents, effective 2-1-1986. Motion to freeze wages and
benefits until economic conditions warrant a raise or change.
MARCH 3, 1986
Motion to have snow plowing contracts signed by resident
requesting this service.
APRIL 4, 1986
Motion to buy window coverings for town hall.
APRIL 8, 1986
Motion to authorize town board to check into a fire control pon
after plans are drawn and cost's estimated, a special meeting i
to be called. Motion to change last date to pay first half of taxe
to Feb. 21st. Motion to build the 1 1/2 mile of road on Town Lin
Road between Town of Hull and Frankfort on west side o
Sections 6 & 7.
SEPTEMBER 17, 1986
Motion to have roof and chimney work at Town Hall done by C
Nienow and G. Brandt.
NOVEMBER 20,1986
Motions to adopt the budget (F.R.S. has ceased) with a local lev
of $60,000.00.
DECEMBER 1, 1986
Motion to raise the fee charged in original fire run reimburse
ment to $500.00 effective Jan. 1, 1987.
APRIL 14,1987
Motion to join the Stratford Area Fire Commission.
JUNE 4, 1987
Motions to buy torch set for garage.
JULY 13, 1987
Informational meeting on fire control pond.
AUGUST 3, 1987
Motion to restrict use of town hall to residents only because
insurance and liability.

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