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Wisconsin Rural Electric Cooperative Association / First yearbook, 1938

Murray, V. M.
Our engineering department,   pp. 25-30 PDF (1.7 MB)

Page 30

The reply they invariably receive is to see the engineer. An engineer
has no excuse for not making good with such owners.
    (2) As regards the second objection: The farmer member is not
a "cheapskate". He merely is acutely conscious of the value of
and abhors debt. As an example of this attitude, there is not a Board of
Directors of a Cooperative in the State that has not expressed satisfaction
over the fact that it is possible to amortize the debt to the Federal Govern-
ment and, in at least twenty years, own its own lines free of encumbrances.
The farmer has no objection for paying for the best of equipment-but it
must be the best. The result has been that, in Wisconsin, we have never
had to cut corners in an attempt at false economy. The material used in
the lines is the best money can buy. For instance, every transformer is
of the high efficiency type and has its own lightning arrester and cutout;
except in rare cases, the smallest pole used is Class 6; and all conductors
used are of a type proven by years of usage and are strung so that even
under "heavy loading" conditions they will not be stressed beyond
percent of their ultimate strength. We have even been permitted to "grade
the factor of safety" so that the closer the lines lie to the source
of power
the stronger they are constructed.
    (3) Even a casual glance at the year's accomplishment will show
that the third objection does not exist. Early in the year the REA
promised us full cooperation if we gave them fast action. We certainly
admit we received the cooperation, and we have tried to furnish the action.
If there is any red tape involved, someone must have cut it long since.
                           V. M. MURRAY,
                                  Chief Engineer

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