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Bell, Florence C. (Florence Colfax), 1899- / Farmer co-ops in Wisconsin

Many local associations affiliated with wholesales,   pp. 39-40 PDF (524.0 KB)

Central sells to 200 associations,   pp. 40-44 PDF (1.3 MB)

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South St. Paul. These wholesales sell
supplies amounting to millions of
dollars annually. Petroleum products,
automotive equipment and supplies,
coal, paint, twine, and equipment for
bulk and service station sales are some
of the major supply items purchased
from the Midland and Central Ex-
change. In subsequent paragraphs
there is discussion of the services of the
Central Wholesale, and also of the
Wisconsin Cooperative Farm Supply
Co. located in Madison, and the Fox
River Valley Cooperative Wholesale
at Appleton. By participating in the
large-scale operations of the wholesales,
the locals are able to increase their
   A considerable number of dairv
plants in Wisconsin purchase creamery
machinery and supplies from the Land
O'Lakes Creameries in Minneapolis in
order to take advantage of its extensive
supply services. In addition the locals
may obtain assistance from Land
O'Lakes in planning machinery in-
stallations, and in making and servic-
ing such installations. Land O'Lakes
also operates a feed department which
is patronized by a large number of
individuals and locals in Wisconsin.
Central Sells to
200 Associations
  Central Cooperative Wholesale.-Of
the wholesale supply cooperatives with
headquarters in Wisconsin, the Central
Cooperative Wholesale in Superior is
the largest, transacting a 3% million
dollar a year business. It is a general
wholesale organization, handling con-
sumer merchandise and farm supplies.
It sells to about 200 associations, mostly
retail cooperative stores, approximately
  . I
L t
I-- -       - I       ---' If F,
In the bakery of the Central Cooperative Whole
sale at Superior, W is., dough is flauenet
and stretched by machinery and then pu
into the pans for baking as co-op made toast

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