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Farm labor news

Farm labor news. August, 1946,   pp. [1]-5 PDF (1.5 MB)

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Issued Monthly --- by Extension Editors in cooperation        August, 1946
                          with the Farm Labor Staff
                      Sordid SYJ   ;  b  Situsitign
                 A LTHOUGH there are still some workers needed,
                 Athe labor situation in canning corn harvest
           has eased somewhat. The acreage in the state planted
           to sweet corn was the largest in history. Dry
           weather, however, forced tle abandonment of some
           acreage. So, in the end, about the same number as
           last year will be actually harvested.
                  The anticipated total yield per acre is about
           60-80 per cent of last year's all time high.
                  To harvest this corn, the farm labor office
           had planned to hae- three to four thosand foreign
           workers, Jamaicans, Barbadians, and Mexican Nationals
           in the state to supplement the local labor supply.
                  However, at the last minute, recruitment of
           Mexican Nationals was cancelled by the Mexican
           government and Wisconsin was left with a shortage
           of about 1,000 workers. Since then, but too late
           for the corn harvest, the Mexican government has
           allowed recruitment to be resumed.
       Since the 21 of August we have been trying to replace these
Mexicans, Luckily we were able to get in about three hundred Mexicans
from Nebraska, more than half of whom had to be delivered to potato
growers in the Rhinolander-_.agle River4ntigo region.
       Some Texas Mexicans, all citizens of the United States, recruited
by individual canners have come and othors, who wore in the state, stayed
for the corn harvest.
       Through the cooperation of the Kansas Extension Service, twonty-
four interstate domestic workers were recruited for picking sweet corn.
Wisconsin Extension Service arranged transportation for them.
       In northern Wisconsin, county agents and farm labor assistants
wore able to recruit 31 workers for southern and central plants.
Eleven of these came from Taylor county, four from Price, three from
Ashland, five from Bayfiold, end oight from Iron county.

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