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Farm labor news

Farm labor news. July, 1946,   pp. [1]-[6] PDF (1.6 MB)

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        With no war prisoners available, and Jamaicans and Mexicans preferred
  by most growers, a request for 3,200 of these workers was made by State
  Labor officials.
       Zarly in May several canners cancelled or reduced their early orders.
  Consequently, the state cut its orders to 3,000 Jamaicans nnd Mexicans,
  of which were already in the state.
       The day before delivery it was announced that the supply of foreign
  wor':ers in the United States was so low that the Office of Labor was forced
  to substitute other West Indian natives.
       As a result, 'Tisconsin received 1,452 Jeanicans, 196 B9.rbadian's,
 3ahamaians, 5 Hondurams and 1,924 Mexican Nationals.  3y the end of Jtuly
a total
 of 3,306 foreig┬żn workers were in the state.  They have been em'iloyed
 harvesting peas, weedin;' and hoein-' vegetable crops, weeding and thinning
 beets and picking the early cherries.
                    IeQL of EL=   Labor A    Difficulties
      After a slow start in cold rainy weather which set the pea. cror) back
 two weeks a sudden hot spell changed the situation and the cron matured
 earlier then was expected.  Peas came in faster than plants could process
 and began to pile up in the canneries.   In July some extra Me::icans were
 brought into the state directly from Mexico and were nut into the pea fields
 to complete the harvest before being sent to the cherry orchards to help
 harvest the cherry crop. This allowed some of the field workers to be released
 for work in plants which eased the situation in the canneries Pnd helped
 conmlete the pea. harvest on time.
     The pea pack now completed, while estimated to be somewhat less than
194-5 total, is higher in quality.  Peas considered acceptable urader war-time

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