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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

County directory,   pp. 281-296 PDF (5.1 MB)

Page 290

                                     PLUMB I NG 
2oo-2o6 N. Water St. I PHOME441 GAS FITTING 
    .   PALMYRA 
      Astin Albert drayman and marshal 
      Allen Edgar lab 
    C As tin Cora XMiss printer 
    Astin Thomas ret farmer 
    >   ahen Philip A blksmth 
    S Beahien Reubin P blksmth 
      Beahlen Tina domestic 
   4  Bensted Harry 
      Bagley Patrick H lab 
      Bank of Palmyra Christie Carlinpres- 
      cash Cora Tischaefer asst cash 
      Bannerman Adolph R pumps 
      Bannerman George G elk 
    a Bannerman Gilbert G com tray 
      Beamish Elizabeth (wid Arthur) 
      Benedict Lillian J (wid James) 
      Bennett Arthur lab 
      Bennett Louis W mach 
      Bigelow Iva C Miss 
      Bigelow Ormoel student 
      Binger George mason 
      Bissett Henry carpet weaver 
      Bissett Jeanette Miss 
      Bissett William carpet weaver 
 Bodmer E I engineer 
      Boggess Elliott B Rev pastor Cong 
      Boggess Harold L elk 
      Bonnett Chas W clothier and tailor 
    * Bourne Nellie Craig Mrs milliner 
      Bovee Albert lab 
      Bovee Matt J prop Commercial House 
      Bovee Robert lab 
      Brand Edward flour mill 
      Brennan William lab 
      Brette Henry St J farmer 
      Briggs Emma I teacher 
      Briggs Esther (wid Jonathan) 
      Briggs Verdyne P engnr 
      Bromley Frederick W physician mnd 
  0V)  dentist 
  W: UJ Brownell George C harnessmkr 
  S   Bunsa Martin A lab 
c V   Bunsa Joseph teacher 
   Sunsa Mary (wid Anthony) 
r   U Burton Wallace M pumps 
      Burton Wm B jeweler 
      Buzzell Adelbert (G H Buzzell & Son) 
   :- Buzzell Clara R (wid Freeman P) 
    Buzzell G H & Son (Gardner H and 
   Adelbert Buzzell) boots and shoes 
      Buzzell Gardner H (G H Buzzell & Son 
Y     Calliins Charles L   creameries 
      and elk Town of Palmyra 
PA T.a.rvl, 
Campbell Adeline teacher         a 
Carlin Alice elk              a      1 
Carlin Arthur G                 to 
Carlin Christie pres-cash Bank of 
  Palmyra .TImT 
Carlin Edward A student 
Carlin Emma I Miss 
Carlin Walter H (Graves & Carlin) 
Christians & Puerner Eddie Meracle  X 
Cole Clyde lab                     > 
Colton Addie Mrs dressmkr 
Colton Harry L corn tray 
Commercial House MattJ Bovee prop . 
Cook Jerome M ret farmer          " 
Cottingham John                  x 
Craig David 
Cramp George A E salesman 
Cramp Wm lab 
Crawley Jane (wid Owen) 
Crawley John lab                   2 
Culver C M Miss dressmkr         C 
Cumming John G D ret farmer 
Cumming Mabel A dressmkr 
Cumming Ralph W student 
Cutler Catherine teacher       -    . 
Dancy George baggageman 
Dann Abram lab 
Demarest Amelia Miss           L   = 
Demarest Rachel N (wid Wm H)     [ 
DeWitt Frank ret farmer 
DeWitt George mach             -o 
DeWitt William                   --a 
Donahue Patrick P (Donahue & Dow) c 
Donahue 0 Dow (Patrick P Dona- 
  hue Miss LuraDow) props Palmyra 
Dow Bertha Miss printer        f   = 
Dow Emerth (wid Oliver P)      0" 
Dow   Lsua Miss (Donahue & 
  Dow) editor Pal myra Enerprise 
Dunham John H lab                 a 
Dunn Louis H blksmith 
Eifert George cigar mnfr 
Emmik Mable domestic 
Erricson Mary J (wid Eric9 
Ewins Frank G elk 
Fairbrother Emma teacher 
Fairbrother John S carp contr 
Farnam George H janitor high school  
Farnham Della elk 
Farnham Frank B cider and sorghum  n 
  mnfr                            F 
Farnham Jessie L Miss          a   n 
M217 Main St. %                                     106 3rd St. 
                                   WATERT OWN. *IS 

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