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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

County directory,   pp. 281-296 PDF (5.1 MB)

Page 282

Oto Bifld&                      Co. STEAM AND HOT 
200-206 N. WATER ST.ý, Tlepon,441  WATER HEATING 
   -  Schoeffel Katherine (wid John) 
   C Warner Fred E sta agt 
   0 Weber Ferdinand farmer 
   0  Weber Katherine (wid Martin) 
   A         CONCORD 
   A settlement in see 16 Town Concord 
   "   14 miles n e of Jefferson 6 miles n 
   of Sullivan mail by Sullivan R F D 
       No 2 
       Buske Bros (Herman & Louis Buske) 
    i  gen store 
B uske Herman (Buske Bros) 
      Buske Louis t Buske Bros) 
      Concord Mut Fire Ins Co Wm Bell 
Spres, Albert May see, Oconomowoc 
       R F D 27 
       Dahms Rinard saloon 
(' Forncrook Henry 
      Giese Charles farmer 
      Hoffman Chas farmer 
      Kellogg Frank farmer 
      Kellogg Laura (wid Austin) 
      Kiepert Chas stock buyer 
      King John S physician 
      Reese Owen 
      Roberts & Reese creamery 
    * Sauer Fred wagonmkr 
      St John,s Ev Lutheran church no res 
      Suckow Chas blksmith 
    * A settlement in sec 14 Town Farm- 
 Sington 10 miles n e of Jefferson. 
        Mail by Watertown R F DNo4,and 
        Helenville R F D No 1 
      Behling Ernst (4 1 Helenville 
  W  a Buske Augusta (wid Win) 4 Water- 
  -W    town 
    Z Goodbout E B lab I Helenville 
  @0 Matthews Creamery John P Roberts 
       nmngr 1 Watertown 
       Roberts John P buttermkr 1 Helen- 
      Ruske Fred farmer 4 Watertown 
  - X Schumacher Fred gen store 4 Water- 
-j 0   town 
      Schumacher Wm G elk 4 Watertown 
Q  ,  Sydow Otto (Wolfgram & Sydow) 4 
  0     Watertown 
  Z LU Wolfgram Otto (Wolfgram & Sydow) 
        I Helenville 
       W~EMA  WEBER  X  3ra St. 
W1  9  W81 WAT1ERTOWN,, WIS. 
Wolfgram & Svdow (Otto Wolfgram a 
  Otto Sydow) saloon I Hellenville 
Postoffice discontinued-Asettlement 1* 
in sec 25 Milford Townuhip5½%miles 
  s w of Watertown. Mail daily by g 
  R F D 6 from Watertown       5> 
Baurichter Henry grocer and saloon c 
Draheim Wm farmer 
Hayes Jacob creamery 
Sell Louisa (wid Wmn)           [ 
Stall Clem farmer                 - 
Tamlingsen Ralph buttermkr 
         HEBRON.                     ) 
A settlement in sec 2 Town Hebron 9 2 0 
  miles east of Ft Atkinson. Mail by ' 
  Ft Atkinson R F D No 2 
Abbey L Dow ret farmer               i 
Akin Geo A physician 
Bark River Camp No 2668 M W     A 
John Maxwell, C; W F Sleeter, B; A 
J Carman elk. Meets Saturdays. 
Bark River Cheese Co Jos Maxwell C 
  pres; A J Carman see; creamery      = 
Bark River Flour and Feed Mills Win: zM 
  Marshall prop 
Barnes Fran k A elk Town Hebron      SE 
  and Justice of the Peace       C- 
Brown Chas C gen store         15F 
Brown Wm gen store 
Burnham Geo C ret farmer               I 
Burnham James M ret farmer 
Carnes Fred saloon 
Carmen Georgia teacher           F= 
Conklin Samuel Mrs               co 
Curtis Emeline (wid Mark)            = 
Curtis Mable Miss                    = 
Donnelly Susan Mrs             U) 
Erickson Peter H miller 
Fuller Charles farmer             = 
Fuller Fred D blksmith 
Fuller Seth farmer 
Fuller Walter farmer 
Gardner Francis ret farmer       rn 
Garlock Amos lab               Co 
Green Calvin painter                  - 
Green John lab                    -4 
Green Julia E 1 wid Luther B   "l 
Green Lois M (wid Chas) 
Hoffman Geo J mason 

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