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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Waterloo directory: G],   pp. 280c-280d PDF (536.7 KB)

[Wright's Waterloo directory: H],   pp. 280d-280e PDF (553.7 KB)

Page 280d

      If You Want to Buy or Sell a Lot. House or Farm, Go to 
      EDWARD F.                         LAWYER at 
                   .WIIIN  N  16 MAIN STREET, .. WATERTOWN, WIS. 
   a   GOO           WATERLOO] 280d [DIRECTORY          HAT   UL 
       Goodger Arthur Rev. priest in charge St. Stephen's Episcopal pi 
   CM    Church, h. Taylor. 
   m   Gorder Albert (Fischer & Gorder) h. Madison.             V, 
V D    Granger Euphrasia (wid. James) h. Jackson. 
   C.1Grave William, lab. h. Pierce. 
   a   Gregor Ingelbrett, h. Adams. 
   __  Griffin Frank, mngr. h. Boorman.                       ,.  
   I   Griffin Grace, compositor, h. Boorman. 
-m     Griffin Miles, agt. Drew Carrier Co. h. s. s. Madison 9 w. Monroe
       Groening August, lab. h. Washington. 
       Grubb Isaac, carp. h. Van Buren.                       Z0 
C=*    Grubb Robert, carp. h. Harrison. 
       Guise Frank, farmer, h. Washington. 
       HABERMANN Rudolph, carp. h. Cleveland. 
       Haese Helen Miss, h. Monroe. 
_____  Hagel Ella A. teacher, h. Harrison. 
       Hagel Ernest H. elk. Aug. Hoffman, h. Harrison. 
       Hagel Felix, h. Harrison. 
C00    Hagel Gustavus, carp. contr. h. Harrison. 
       Hahn Herman, farmer, h. Mnoroe.                        -: 
       Hahn Ida Miss, h. Monroe. 
       Hahn Lena Miss, h. Monroe. 
       Hahn Rudolph, lab. h. Monroe.                               X 
9      Hahn William, farmer, h. Monroe.                               - 
       Halverson Annie, student, h. Jackson.                  0 -. 
CO     Halverson Johanna (wid. Eagle) h. Jackson.             -1 
I.LI   Halverson John, lab. h. Harrison. 
       Halverson Josie, student, h. Jackson.                  I. 
       Halverson Lizzie, phone-opr. h. Jackson.               -- 
----   Hannifin Daniel L. pres. Northwestern Farmers' M. H. & C. El'4
         Ins. Co. h. Portland rd. 1 m. from limits. 
W      Harger James W. mngr. Wilbur Lumber Co. h. Van Buren.   pl p: 
       Harger Jane (wid. Harvey) h. Van Buren. 
, -   Hart Edward Mrs. h. Van Buren.                         0 V! 
       Harte George, mason, h. Jefferson. 
   ,   Harte Herman, lab. h. Jefferson. 
 .     Harte Lena, seamstress, h. Jefferson. 
 c     Harte Minnie, dressmkr. h. Jefferson.                        m 
   1-  Harte Theodora (wid. William) h. Jefferson. 
       Hatch Kirk L. prin. High School, h. Polk.                   2 
       Hatley Douglas, mason, h. Cleveland. 
      Hatley Maud, teacher, h. Cleveland.                         z 
                                        DEUTSCHE ADVOITIWN 
       K  DN      &     A   I      WATERTOWN, - - WISCONSIN 

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