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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Lake Mills directory: R],   p. 270 PDF (254.8 KB)

[Wright's Lake Mills directory: S],   pp. 270-272 PDF (785.6 KB)

Page 270

   OTTO BIEFELD &           O, SEWE RAGE 
   20-206 N. Water St. v PNE 441 GAS     FITTING 
   RAD          LAKE MILLS] 270 [DIRECTORY       SAH    
C   RADTKE August, h. Madison. 
    Radtke Emilie Miss, dressmkr. h. Madison. 
    Radtke Ida, tailoress, h. Madison. 
n Raduege Edward, carp. h. Lake. 
Raether William, bus line, w. s. Main 7 s. Lake, h. Main. 
Rauschert Herman, h. Water.                             F 
   5  Ray Oscar L. h. Madison. 
   Raymond Nancy J. (wid. Stephen B.) h. Scott. 
      Raynor Jennie A. Miss, h. Main. 
~     Raynor Rush, mach-hd. h. Main. 
      Raynor William H. h. Main. 
      Reed Sumlar E. pres. Bank of Lake Mills, h. Oak. 
      Reichert William, tinner, h. Madison.                     C 
      Reidenbach Otis E. Rev. pastor Moravian Church, h. College.  2 
      Revenhill Victor, h. Lake.                         :* 
      Richardson Ralph, lab. h. N. Main. 
      Rickfort Gustav, ship-clk. h. Madison. 
SRoach Theodore, h. Washington. 
      Roberts Frank, com-trav. h. Madison.                  __4 
      Roberts Ida Miss, h. Madison.                             a 
      Rock Lake Hotel, Mrs. Benie E. Walsh, prop. s. s. Lake.     = 
      Roehr Caroline (wid. Christ) h. Reed.                     a 
      Roehr Gustav, carp. h. Reed. 
      Roehr Robert, carp. h. Reed.                             = 
      Romanowski Adolph, carp. h. Grant.                          - 
      Romanowski Gustav, mason, h. w. s. Main 9 n. Lake. 
Root Charles, justice of peace, h. N. Main. 
      Rowe Alfred, h. Grant.                                       = 
      Rueckert Henry, lab. h. Lake. 
      Rutherford Elizabeth (wid. James) h. Washington. 
y     Rutherford Morris J. v-pres. Cook & Buchanan Land & Inv. Co.
        ih. Lake. 
  W                              S 
  -J  SABIN Adelia Mrs. h. Lake. 
      Saecker Alice, stenog. Fargo Co. h. Franklin. 
 ; Z  Saecker Caroline (wid. Julius) h. Scott.                     n 
 ,    SAXCKER EDWARD C. hardware, stoves, ranges and tin- W        O 
 *     ware, s. s. Lake 2 e. of Main, h. Main. 
      Sahr Carl, lab. h. Fremont.                        "4 
      Sahr William, carp. h. Fremont.                          a 
            !~~ AMI R TALOR S 
WEGEM NN U217 Main St. %e 106 3r4 St. 
                     WATERTOWN. WIS 

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