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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Lake Mills directory: K],   pp. 264-266 PDF (785.8 KB)

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Page 266

     Otto Bicfeld &             Co. ISTEAM AND HOT 
     0W           ER ST.   Telphone 441  WATER HEATING 
     KRU          LAKEIMILLS] 266 [DIRECTORY        LOU 
     Krull Edward, molder, h. North. 
   Kuehn Charles, h. Lake. 
   O  Kuehn Charles, stock buyer, h. Franklin. 
      Kuehn Ferd. saloon, opp. depot, h. same.                   
  Kuehn Louis W. confectr. s. s. Lake 12 e. Main, h. same. 
     Kuhl Charles A. (Kuhl & Krause) h. Mulberry. 
  Kuhl William, ret. farmer, h. Fremont. 
      KUHL & KRAUSE (Charles A. Kuhl, Charles A. Krause) farm      __
        implement dealers and harness makers, s. s. Lake opp. Park. r 
   a  Kunst Charles J. Rev. pastor Ev. Assn. Church, h. Lake.   t 
mift  Kunst Lydia Miss, h. Lake.                                . 
      Kunst Selma, seamstress, h. Lake.                         M 
      Kunze August, furniture-dlr. Madison, h. same.            X 
      Kypke Amelia (wid. Henry) h. Oak. 
      Kypke Clark, student, h. Lake. 
Kypke Frank 0. coal and feed, opp. depot, h. Oak. 
      Kypke Frederick J. blksmith, w. s. Main 4 n. Lake, h. Lake.  J 
      Kypke Henry A. (Kypke & Drews) h. Lake Park pl. 
      Kypke Max, student, h. Oak. 
      Kypke Pierre, student, h. Oak. 
      Kypke Seno, clk. h. Oak.                                     C 
      KYPKZ & DREWS (Henry A. Kypke, Henry L. Drews) gen. 2 
   4    mdse. Main s. w. cor. Lake.C 
                              L                              = 
      LAKE MILLS BAND, Harry S. Wheeler, director, Rock Lake    0   a 
   O  LAKE MILLS LAND CO. (G. A. Helpap, A. E. Cook, W. M.      2 
        Cook) w. s. Main 10 n. Lake. 
      Lake Mills Public Library, Clara Mosher, librarian, Madison.  . 
      Lang Henry, h. W. Main. 
u f   Leach Ray, barber, h. Rock Lake Hotel. 
  J- Z Le Fever Leonard, tinner, h. Rock Lake Hotel. 
  c 0 Lentz John, carp. h. N. Main. 
      Lentz Leonard, tinsmith, h. N. Main. 
      Leonard Levi B. horse breeder, h. N. Main. 
  ig Licknor Howard, mach. h. Rock Lake Hotel. 
  -   Lidtke Anna, domestic Main.                                   - 
  1   Linberg Christ, carp. h. Louisa av.                          = 
  LW  Lisius Albert, tailor, h. S. Main.                  ft 
x  0  Louckota Augusta Mrs. h. N. Main.                   -- 
      Louckota Ella, seamstress, h. N. Main.              a  M 
                             2x7 main StL      Io6 Srd St. 
      W[GIAtI1         W    IWATERTOWN, WIS. 

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