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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Lake Mills directory: B],   pp. 255-257 PDF (721.9 KB)

Page 256

              EfWI[EM           Can Sell Your CIty Property or 
                                 arm no matter where located 
                                 WATERTOWN, .. WISCONSIN 
       BEH          LAKE MILLS] 256 [DIRECTORY         BRE 
noon   Behm Gustav, lab. h. Prospect. 
       Behnken John, mngr. Brittingham & Hixon Lumber Co. h.      ,'
         Lake Park pl. 
       Belmken William, lab. h. Lake Park pl. 
S      Bennett Kerwin E. (Bennett & Krause) h. Schultz Cottage. 
       Bennett Morgan, h. Main. 
C      Bennett & Krause (Kerwin E. Bennett, Charles Krause) paint-  Cz
Iers, Water nr. Main. 
       Benton Miranda (wid, Wallace) h. Main. 
**     Biehle Oscar H. granite-ctr. h. Fremont. 
I-     Black Betsey (wid. William) h. Fremont. 
1      Black George, com. trav. h. Madison. 
3      Black Harlen, com. tray. h. Madison. 
       Black Jeremy H. h. Madison. 
   Z   Black Lemuel, painter, h. Madison. 
       Black Margaret (wid. Erwin E.) h. Fremont. 
       Blake Calvina (wid. Win. F.) h. North. 
C;     Blanchard George, h. N. Main. 
       Blanchard Permelia Miss, h. Main. 
.     Bleecker Arthur, h. Cherry. 
   Bleecker Edward, tinsmith, h. N. Main.                     _-- 
'U     Bliss Storm R. h. Franklin. 
P      Blumenberg Carl, ret. farmer, h. Fremont. 
--     Blumenberg Gottfried, h. Madison. 
   Bohn Lizzie, domestic, h. College. 
       Bork Emma Miss, h. Main. 
   _   Bradow Arthur, lab. h. Prospect. 
..m    Bradow Carl, janitor, h. Church. 
       Bradow William, mason, h. Prospect.                       : 
       Braman Albert, lab. h. Mulberry.                          0 
LI     Braman Charles, lab. h. Mulberry. 
       Braman Ethel Miss, h. Mulberry. 
a      Brayton Charles, elk. h. Washington. 
*      Brayton Clinton D. dentist, Lake s. e. cor. Main, h. Washington. 
~      Breitkreutz Arilda Miss, h. North.                        0 
mU     Breitkreutz Arthur, drayman, h. North.                     _ 
____ Breitkreutz Elmer, mach. h. North. 
       Breitkreutz Herman J. express, h. North. 
       Breitkreutz William, h. Fremont. 
       Brendel Tillie, domestic, h. College. 
       Bretzmann Walter, elk. h. Oak. 
I      Bretzmann Wilhelmina (wid. Carl) h. Oak. 
                        ING LAWYERS 
                             WATERTIVOWN, WISCONSIN 

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