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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

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Page 233

     AT HOME               .     YqU* HA          G ' 
     DRINK       VlR 
     EXPORT BOTTLE BEER                          W N0.28 
     KRI            JEFFERSON] 233 [DIRECTORY         LES 
     Krieger Annie, helper, Jefferson House. 
     Krizsam John, lab. h. e. s. 3d 4 n. Rock. 
G     Kros John, barkpr. h. Star Hotel. 
      Krumse Fred, lab. h. Center s. e. cor. Ogden. 
      Krusing George (Krusing & Welter) h. 310 Dewey. 
    S0 KRUSING HUBERT J. saloon, 217 Racine, h. same. 
      Krusing & Welter (George Krusing, Matt Welter) carp contrs. 
       310 Dewey. 
      Kuehn Ida, domestic, h. 1st s. w. cor. C. 
      Kueschbert Mary (wid. John C.) h. 410 C. 
      Kueschbert William, lab. h. 410 C. 
      Kunert John, lab. h. Dewey n. w. cor. Church. 
-Kunert Lizzzie Miss, h. Dewey n. w. cor. Church. 
      LACEY John C. horseshoer, 107 Mechanic, h. Main n. e. cor.  .. .4 
  z   Ladien Arthur, printer, h. Candise n. e. cor. Water.        M 
  '   Ladien Herman C. carp. h. s. s. E. Darling 1 w. Elizabeth.   C- 
      Ladien Leola Miss, student, h. s. s. E. Darling 1 w. Elizabeth.  -4
      Ladien Paul, engnr. City Water & Light Co. h. cor. Candise and
  _j    Water. 
      Lane Henry H. v-pres. The Copeland & Ryder Co., h. n. s.      m
U       North 1 w. Sanborn.                                        a 
      Lang Christ, chairmkr. h. e. s. E. 3d 2 n. Rock.             c 
  Lang Louis, lab. h. 118 Center E.                                c 
  IW  Langer Frank, driver, h. ft. Mechanic. 
  L.  Langer Henry, shoemkr. h. High s. w. cor. Clarke.          X 
r     Laugholff August, lab. h. 220 W. 4th. 
      Lawien William, lab. h. 401 Main.                          q 
  Z   Layridz Kate Mrs. h. e. s. West 1 s. North. 
      Layridz Robert, lab. h. e. s. West 1 s. North. 
      Lederer Fred, barkpr. Jefferson House, h. same.            2 
    Lederer John, h. 223 Racine. 
  0   Lederer John P. tanner, h. w. s. Center 3 n. Ogden.            o 
      Leitsch Adelaide (C. Stoppenbach's Sons) h. Columbus, Wis.  - 
  Lenz Frank, mason, h. Church n. w. cor. Darling.             13 
      Lenz John, mason, h. 117 Dewey. 
      Lenz William, lab. h. C n. w. cor. Water.             0  - 
0     Lenz William, street commissioner, h. 117 Dewey.           2 
044   Leopold Carl, lab. h. opp. fair grounds.                   5 
      Lester George W. R. F. D. carrier No. 2, h. High n. e. cor. Wash- -
    5   inton av.                                           Z-COO, 
    The Latest and Newest In Furnishing  [IrTA 
    Goods always to be found at the 
    107 Main Street, * Watertown. Wis. [Pl        [A     I 

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