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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Fort Atkinson directory: P],   pp. 192-194 PDF (829.1 KB)

Page 194

           COLLECTS ACCUNS                       NDDOS 
                              GENERAL LAW BUSINESS and SELLS 
                              ý REAL ESTATE- 
                              WATF_:ERTOWN, WISCONSIN 
     POR        Ft. ATKINSON] 194 [DIRECTORY.         PUB 
     Porter Minnie Miss res 6 S 4th 
     Potter Clara teacher res 36 E Milwaukee av 
     Potter Finette domestic 54 Merchants av 
_    Potter George A elk P 0 res 55 Jefferson 
     Potter Hazel clk 41 S Main res 55 Jefferson 
Rw   Potter Matilda Mrs res 55 Jefferson 
  Potter William farm hd res 55 Jefferson 
Pottinger Burt tmstr res 61 Grant                           -'- 
SPottinger Wilson A coal and feed 53 Janesville av res 61 Grant 
LU   Pounder George H mnfr of harrows 4-8 S Water res 14 S 3d w 
     Pounder Ralph mach res 14 3d s w 
I    Powals John mach res 49 Adams 
SPowals Lizzie elk 27 N Main res 49 Adams 
     Powals Matilda elk 27 N Main res 49 Adams 
     - Powals Nettie Miss res 49 Adams 
c  - Powals William elk 13 N Main res 49 Adams 
   20 Powers Anna (wid Oscar) res 51 Mechanic              .MP 
     Powers Viola Miss res 51 Mechanic                     -- 
   S    A M Webb agt 7 N Main 
   - Prestidge Elizabeth (wid George) res S 3d w           00 
   W Preston Calista Miss res 70 Grove 
   2 Preuinger George lab res 55 W Sherman av                     - 
   - Prochaska Louis florist 56 Germany res same                   3 
   L Prust Anna Miss res 99 N Main 
t    Prust August lab res 99 N Main 
   . Prust August M lab res 73 Jefferson 
   - Prust Bertha Miss res 73 Jefferson 
   M Prust Edith Miss res 73 Grove 
-0   Prust Ernestine (wid Carl) res 61 Washington          :3 
     Prust Gustav sausage mkr res 73 Grove                       b 
     Prust John sausage mkr res 19 S 6th w                       P 
     Prust John F lab res 73 Jefferson 
Lý   Public Library 18 S Main 
     Puerner Albert electr res 27 W Sherman av 
Puerner Arthur painter res 7 Elm                           o0 
--   Puerner August engr res 40 Milwaukee av w 
m~wPuerner Frank tmstr res 20 Elm                          f. 
     Purdy Harry E cow tray res 10 E Milwaukee av                   0 
     Puerner Henrietta (wid Joseph) res 20 Elm 
LU   Puerner John E tmstr res 20 Elm 
     Puerner Myrtle student res 40 Milwaukee av w                   0 
                  V      pLAWYERS !          O        ae 
     KWINg        KADIRUIN 
                                   COMMT OF THE STATE , 
                            WATERTOWN. ...WISCONSIN 

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