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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Fort Atkinson directory: G],   pp. 175-177 PDF (868.0 KB)

Page 176

     2oo-2o6 N. Water St. 1 PHONE441 GAS F ITTI NG 
     GI -L       FT. ATKINSON.] 176 [DIRECTORY.       GUI  
   Gill Mary Miss res 84 High 
     Gill Sumner tmstr res 84 S High 
   0 Glazier Melvin lab res 71 Maple 
     Glazier Rube elk 43 9 Main res 71 Maple 
     Goetsch Emma Miss res 70 Jefferson 
     Goetsch Herman lab res 70 Jefferson 
     Goodke August lab res 56 Mechanic                           a 
     Goodrich Charles L ice dlr res 18 S 3d w 
     Goodrich Charles Perry v-pres Northwestern Mnfg Co res 18 
        S 3rd w 
   Goodrich George ret farmer res 26 E Sherman av 
     G odrich Orinda (wid Josiah L) res 58 Maple 
     Grams Adolph fireman res 58 Lincoln 
     Grams Minnie laundress res n s E Sherman at limits 
     Granzow John res 15 McCombe                           C) 
     Granzow Louis lab res 15 McCombe                     : 2 
l~ Graves Lester carp res 65 Grove 
     Gray Nina elk 6 S Main res 91 N Main 
     Green Beniat foreman trimmer N W Mnfg Co res 70 Adams 
    Green Frank E wood dlr 57 Grove res same 
     Green Sarah (wid George) res 70 Grove                  CD 
     Green Walter E teacher High School res 56 Foster 
     Greene Helen Miss res 89 East 
   * Greene Willis buttermkr res 89 East                    to . 
    Greenewald Emil carr painter res 6 S 5th w           =_- 
     Griffey Shepard S carp res 22 S 3rd w                       C 
     Groeler August carp res 21 E Sherman av 
   * Groeler Martha dressmkr res 21 E Sherman av 
     Gross Lottie domestic 51 S High                      (1 
     Gross William shipclk res 34 Adams 
     Grossman Henrietta (wid Carl) res 52 Grant 
     Gruenert Ida dometic res 14 E Sherman av 
 y   Gruetzman Albert lab res 47 S High                            - 
 q co- Gruetzman Charles mach res t7 S High 
   t Gruetzman Johanna (wid Charles) res 49 S High 
   v Gruetzman Lena Miss res 47 S High 
1    Gruetzmann John lab res 10 W Sherman av 
   ' Grunewald Carl painter res 4 Walton 
 f   Grnnewald Edwin lab res 4 Walton 
     Grunewald Louise (wid William) res 4 Walton          %" 
     Grunewald Minnie Miss res 4 Walton                              4 
y x  Guetzlaff Robert tinner res 44 Jefferson 
   0 Guideway William bus driver res 5 4th cor Bluff            a 
                              Rff WTIAILORS 
            WEIEMA K 5WEB         217 Main St. c 106 3rd St. 
                                  WATERTOWN. WIS 

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