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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Watertown directory: T],   pp. 130-133 PDF (1.1 MB)

Page 132

     if You Want to Buy or Sell a Lot. house or Farm, 0o to 
     EDWARD F. WIEMAN T          E      ARat 
                           116 MAIN STREET, .. WATERTOWN, WIS. 
     THI         WATERTOWN]    132 [DIRECTORY.      TOU 
     Thies Rudolph carp res 207 N 10th 
     Thiessenhusen Henry elk 106 W Main res 506 N Washington    e 
     Thiessenhusen Ilma clk 209 Main res 506 N Washington 
     Thom Carl student res 207 Washington 
     Thom Marion Miss res 207 Washington                       : 
     Thomr Paul cigar packer res 207 Washington 
     Thomas Anna R (wid George W) res 849 Richards av 
[J Thomas William R engnr res 849 Richards av 
     THOMPSON HERBERT 0 sec-treas Wisconsin Business 
     College res 740 W Main 
     Thompson James 0 student res 740 W Main 
  :: S  Congregational Church res .500 4th 
  ~ Thrams Frank boxmkr res 411 Division 
     Throne Bessie Miss res 807 Western av 
  Throne John corn tray res 807 Western av 
  , Thurow Emilv teacher St John's Luth school res 215 Dewev av v__ 
  Tierney Patrick res 118 Water 
     Tietz Carl tailor res 134 Dewey av 
  UL. Tietz Carl jr tailor res 134 Dewey av 
 TIMES PUBLISHING COJ1 P Holland editor-in-chief, EJ J__ 
        Schooleraft bus mngr; J W  Cruger mechanical supt pubs 
U       Watertown Daily Times book and job printers 212 W Main 
  W (see left side lines) 
     TIVOLI ISLAND summer garden Ohm Bros proprs E end 
of Main 
< . Tobian Ferdinand lab res 105 Stimpson 
L W- Tobian George lab res 105 Stimpson 
   <    nToelke August res 309 Front                     0A 
     Tonne Henry lab res 637 Milford0"f 
     Torpev Adeline Miss res 416 O'Connell                      I 
     Torpey Andrew printer res 416 O'Connell                   V 
f Torpey Ellen Mrs res 416 O'Connell                          . 
     Torpey Francis J bus driver res 416 O'Connell 
BII Torrey Alexis v-pres Beals & Torrey Shoe Co res Boston      0 a )
     Toussaint Anna M (wid Jacob) res 314 N Water 
     Toussaint Caecelie Miss res 308 Cole                      - 
(T oussaint Henry J sec-treas f J Toussaint & Son Co res 200 6th :"
WTOUSSAINT J J & SON CO           Winand J Toussaint pres;    4 
        Louis J Toussaint v-pres; H J Toussaint sec-treas rectifiers  V 
        importers and wholesale wines and liquors 8 Main 
     Toussaint Louis J v-pres; J J Toussaint & Son Co res Milwau-  
        kee Wis 
                            LOAN MONEY, FURNISH ABSTRACTS, FORECLOSE 
                               MORTCACES AND COLLECT ACCOUNTS 
                            WATERTOWN, - -    WISCONSIN 

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