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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Watertown directory: S],   pp. 118-130 PDF (3.8 MB)

Page 129

          1AA1UQ     - FLAVOR 
       IAIIIoIV               _    BOTTLE BEER 
>. STE           WATERTOWN] 129 [DIRECTORY.           STR 
  .i Steinert Rosalia (wid Ignatz) res 413 Emerald 
V) - Steinfurth Henry farmer res 1225 N 4th                     0 
   Steinfurth Meta teacher res 1225 N 4th 
z w Steinfurth Selma teacher res 1225 N 4th- 
CL Steinke Ernestine (wid Ludwig) res 613 N 2nd 
  0) Steinmann Leona teacher res 424 N Washington 
  Steinmann Marie (wid William) res 424 N Washington 
     Stempel Erwin lab res 11:5 Lynn                       :x 
     Stempel George C lab res 115 Lynn                     0A 
     Stempel Lydia Miss res 115 Lynn 
  - Stengel Emma Miss res 910 Jones                            W 
  Stengel Fred lab res 1108 Louisa 
     Stengel Herman F painter res 126 Corner 
-    Stengel Lena Miss res 910 Jones 
     Sterz Hermam Rev pastor German Ev Prot church res 312 4th Z 
     Steuerwald Claus lab res 1006 W Division              > C 
     Steuk Anna dressmkr res 413 Main 
 m   Steuk Ella clk 208 2nd res 413 Main 
     Stieber Arthur lab res 444 Humboldt 
  Y Stieber Herman res 444 Humboldt 
     Stieg Herman res 114 W Spaulding                      P.p g 
   (5 Stieg Wilhelmine (wid Christian) res 114 W Spaulding 
   Wi Stiemke Arthur clk res 301 Green                           a 
   Wi Stiemke Carl mason res 301 Green 
     Stiemke Emma A Mrs boarding 413 4th res same 
     Stiem~ke John stripper res 301 Green 
     Stimm Pauline (wid Charles) res 708 W Main                 A 
   Stimm Theresa Miss res 708 W Main 
   [o Stobbelfeld Catherine (wid Ernst) res 907 Garfield 
   0 Stoebe Charles cigarmkr res 211 Lynn                       - 
     Stoebe Fred carp res 1327 Prospect 
     Stoebe William F lab res 1327 Prospect 
   Stoepler Christiana Miss res 110 Fremont 
     Stoepler Mary (wid Edward) res 110 Fremont 
   SStone Sarah (wid Jesse) res 300 Washington 
 0- STONE WiLLIAM         C 12% Main res 300 Washington 
 . f4 Stormer Zoney brakeman res 804 Lafayette 
 .Strassburg August carp contr 1120 Main res same 
    C Strauss Carl res 501 2nd 
  Strauss Caroline (wid Christian) res 611 12th 
    Y Strauss George H clk 106 2nd res 501 2nd 
    STRAUSS HERMAN J real estate loans and insurance 
         106 2nd res 501 2nd (see back cover)                   ( 
      Your Business in CLOTHING and FURNISHING GOODS is wanted at 
                     E, AM RIGHT, OUR PIHOGE ARE RNIGH. 

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