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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Watertown directory: N],   pp. 104-106 PDF (918.6 KB)

Page 105

     WM            ATi BREWER &MALTSTER 
        .      ..       /IUWATERTOWN, WIS. 
     NEU         WATERTOWN] 105 [DIRECToRY.           NOT 
     Neumann Laura Miss res 204 Rock 
     Newmann Margaret Miss res 601 2nd 
     Neumann Wilhelmine (wid Edward) res 204 Rock 
   : Neumann & Krueger (Henry E Neumann, Ferdinand Krueger) 
     o  cigar mnfrs 119ý N 2nd 
   L Nevermann Charles carp res 1002 N 4th 
   LI.I 115 1st 
     Newman Thomas res 806 Lafayette 
     Newton Fred M agt C & N W Ry res 118 S Montgomery        0 
     Newton Marion L yard foreman C M & St PRy res 113 3d 
  >.Nichols Gotthold J com tray res 103 College 
  L_ Nickels Charles tinner res 904 Jones 
  "'v Nickels John C foreman 307 Main res 109 College 
  Nickels William foreman Watertown Grain Co res 507 7th 
     Nienow Charles mach res 1112 8th 
     Nienow Emma Miss res 111 8th 
     Nienow Otto H cigarmkr res 1112 8th                       
     Nienow William painter res 812 Dodge 
  Nimm Nicholas carp res 314 Lafayette                     -n 
     Nixon Mary B Miss dressmkr 409 Washington res same 
     Noack Ella Miss res 309 8th 
     Noack Henrietta (wid Charles) res 309 8th 
 () Noffz Annie seamstress res 616 Jones 
     Noffz Charles janitor res 616 Jones 
     Noffz Frank lab res 418 N Monroe 
     Norbert May Miss res 204 Water                        M __ 
 _   Norbert William res 701 LaBelle 
        H J Strauss agt 306 2nd (See back cover)                - 
  d. NORTHERN INS CO of London Eng Kading & Kading0 0 
  -I=  agts 11 Main (See left bottom lines) 
     Wis Kading & Kading agts 11 Main (See left bottom lines)  = 
     Northwestern University Prof A F Ernst pres College and   C 
        Western avs- 
    - Norton Edson lab res 615 N 4th                            - 
cn L_ Norton George W foreman 307 N Water res 210% W Main o 0 
   1- Norton Harriett R (wid Amiel P) res 614 W Main 
   V* Notz Cornelia Miss res 812 Western av-z 
1 U an Notz F William A prof N W University res 812 Western av 
u u' Notz F William jr prof N W University res 812 Western av  - 
:3 Notz Mark student res 812 Western av 
                                Iit's a SUIT OR OVERCOAT you Wvnt 
                                pickngs of the best guaranteed clothing 
                                muanufaemuers ef the U n Itead S t atee at
                                107 MAIN STREE7T, WATEFRTOWN, WIS. 

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