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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Watertown directory: N],   pp. 104-106 PDF (918.6 KB)

Page 104

ItYou Want to Duy.- or Sell a .-Lot. tiouse ,or, Form., Oo, to 
     HAR F N~lTHlE LAWYER at 
                          11  ANSTREET, .. WATERTOWN, WIS. 
NEEDHAM      AUGUSTUS E lumber dir 401 
    719 Market 
Needhauwfennie Miss res 719 Market 
Needham Ntje M-iss res 719 Market 
NEITZEL ALBERT saloon 1000 5th res 1302 
-   i 
3 = 
I.- = 
iLg 0.9 
  &L.  % 
Neitzel August res 701 Division 
Neitzel Carl lab res 1204 3d 
Neitzel Gustav fireman res 700 W Cady 
Neitzel Helen domestie 412 2nd                            0 
Neitzel William cigarmkr res 1302 Rockwell                N 
Neitzel William lab 1204 3d 
Neitzel William miller res 700 W Cadv 
Nell Alvina Miss res 1209 Dakotah"_ 
Nell Augusta domestic 312 2nd. 
Nell John lab res 1209 Dakotah                            A 
Nell Robert porter 117 Main 
Nellins Annie Miss res 114 Warrtn                            - 
Nellins George bkpr 118 W Main res 507 Washington         - 
Nellins George W engnr C M & StP Ry res 507 Washington    1- 
Nellins Herbert J student res 507 Washington         2"_ 
Nellins Mathilda (wid James) res 114 Warren 
Nellins Walter G bkpr res 507 Washington                  . 
Nelsen Lena (wid Adolph) res 411 College av           co-m 
Nelson Stoley tobacco buyer 314 1st res 601 Washington    . 
NETTESHEIM       CHRISTIAN C prop The Watertown ' 
    Republican res 206 6th 
Neubauer Albert lab res 1414 Nashotah 
Neubauer Annie Miss res 1414 Nashotah 
Neubauer Frank lineman res 308 E Water 
Neubauer Henry lab res 208 William                   u P[ 
Neubauer Ida Miss res 203 William                     .4 i.o 
Neugebauer Charles saloon 403 Main res same          o1, 
NEUMAN EMIL A prop Neuman's New Theater and city I" . ' 
   bill poster 115-117 N 1st res 400 loth            Z E, 
Neuman J & Son (John and Emil A Neuman) corn mers 218 W * = I 
Neuman John (J Neuman & Son) res 400 10th                 a 
Neuman's New Theater Emil A Neuman propr 115-117 N 1st    0 
Neumann Gustav barber 113 2nd res 601 2nd                    - 
Neumann Henry E (Neumann & Krueger) res 301 7th           z 

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