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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Watertown directory: M],   pp. 96-103 PDF (2.4 MB)

Page 102

              Qtt~Biefld &Co.STEAM AND HOT, 
     200-206 N. WATER IST. Telephone _441  WATER    HEATING 
LJ   MOL   -     WATRTOWN] 102 [DiREcToRY.         MU 
     Mollart Lobegott foreman 303 Water res 306 N 5th 
r   a Molzahn Cecelia dressmkr res 208 7th .                    2 
w[ Molzahn Margaret dressmkr res 208 7th 
   . Molzahn Marzinna (wid Albert) res 208 7th 
     MOLZAHN S &      CO (Simon Molzahn, Harry KellermannY    &::F
  O'*   saloon 200 N 3d 
[ .Molzahn Simon (S Molzahn & Co) res 200 N 3d 
   ýi Monrean Annie Mrs res 704 N Church             " 
 v a Monrean George tailor res" 101 Main 
   [ -Monrean Mamie. Miss res 704 N Church  "              "- 
-_ ~ Monrean Maude dressmkr 302 Main res same 
   v. Monrean Sebastian M clothes cleaner 101 Main res same 
   - Mooney Annie Miss res 1316 3d 
   " Mooney Johanna (wid John) res 1316 3d                   * 
   _ Mooney Thomas coremkr res Washington House 
  0 MOORE CHARLES F pres Wisconsin Business College, 
        res Racine Wis 
   . * Moore Harry R circus mngr res 213 Washington 
   i"Moore .q mes M ,vttdent res, 201 Churchr 
 c-o MOORE JAMES W pub The WTatertown Gazette res 201 
    __I Church 
    Moore Josephine Miss res 213 Washington 
-Moore Susan M (wid Thomas) res 213 Washington 
     Moran Anna Miss res 504 N Wahington 
* Moran Margaret Miss res 504 N Washington 
     Moran Marv (wid James) res 504 N Washington 
    Moran Matie teacher res.504 N Washington 
0f &Moran Nellie Miss res 504 N Washington 
  C9"" *'Mornvian Church Cole nw cor 6th - 
  19 Morris Catherine Miss res 212 Warren 
  Morris Elizabeth Miss res 212, Warren 
 Morris William baggageman C M & St P Rv res 600 Warren 
    4 Moser Anton res 811 Garfield 
    Moser Henry cigarmkr res 308 Dewey av 
    *Motl Prank res 605 Cole 
    Moti Leo rv mail clk res 605 Cole 
  2  MOULDING FRANK C physician 114 Main res ,505 Cly- 
   * Mueg'-e Hermanjanitor res 211 N 4th 
     Muegvee Phillip basketmkr 2 11 N 4th res same 
SMu, Ilkr Anna domestic res 216 N 3d 
     Mueller Anton shoemkr 303 N 2nd res 304 Emerald 
  6 Mueller Caroli, e (wid Herman C) res 215 Dewey av. 
                           CLOTH IERS'0 
        ....2X                M~ain St- X06-3rd St. 

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