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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Watertown directory: L],   pp. 92-96 PDF (1.4 MB)

Page 95

     Flour and Food at lowest market prices 
     208 SECOND STREET, 'I  Phone 1612 ; WATERTOWN, WIS. 
     LIS        W├ŻATERTOWN]   95  [DIRECTORY.        LUT 
  .  Lister William 0 bridgbldr res 631 Milford 
  (6 Littman August ins agt res 207 N 10th 
     Loeffler Albert florist 1118 Center res same 
   0 Loeffler Ferdinand (Loeffler & Benke) res 1130 N 2nd 
     Loeffler Ida Miss res 1130 N 2nd 
   00 Loeffler Mathilde (wid John) res 1130 N 2nd 
        Benke I florists 1130 N 2nd 
   - Loeser Louis carp res 110 Division 
C    Loeser Melanie Miss res 110 Division 
C,* LONDON & LANCASHIRE INS CO of Liverpool Eng, 
        Kading & Kading agts 11 Main (See bottom left lines 
~ Long Hoadley A cashier C M & St P Ry res 701 6th 
     Lord Archie lab res 406 Market 
     Lord Hattie dressmkr res 406 Market 
I    Lord Jane (wid Nathaniel) res 406 Market 
) Lord Jennie elk 203 Main res 406 Market 
LIJ Lord Pearl N painter res 406 Market 
..i Lother Frederick lab res 1009 N 2nd 
jj Lotz Annie (wid Theodore) res 216 Division 
     Lotz L & Co (Louise Lotz, Mary Stuebe) florists 306 Main !0 
       greenhouses 401 B Water 
     Lotz Louise (L Lotz & Co) res Milwaukee Wis          2 P Pt 
     Loukota Charles lineman res 1550 Oconomowoc av        COS 
Loukota Frank carp res 413 E Water                        P --4 
@m Loukota Joseph lab res 1550 Oconomowoc av               - 
     Loukota Mary Miss res 1550 Oconomowoc av             .  
LIJ Loukota Vincent lab res 1550 Oconomowoc av             -e 
     Lounsbury John M corn tray res 904 3d                 a. -4 
     Luckow Louise (wid Michael) res 1314 Utah 
     Lueck Charles lab res 719 W Green 
     Lieck Herman lab res 1220 3d" 
     Lueck Herman lab res 1159 N 4th                              , 
     Lueek Julius lab res 1220 3d== 
     Luedtke Frank boilermkr res 608 N Montgomery         -= 
  v Luther Arthur mason res 116 N 9th                      M' 
  : Luther Emil janitor res 611 Garfield                   ac 
     Luther Otto lab res 1123 River                          0 
  *  Luther Wilhelmina Mrs. res 611 Garfield                   _ 
  a Luther William painter res 116 N 9th                    __ 
     Lutovsky C & Co (Charles Lutovsky) tailors 112 N 3d 
     Lutovskv Charles (C Lutovsky & Co) res 112 N 3d 
     Lutovsky Erank farmer res 431 Concord av 
     W. 0. SPROESS[     R 8    213 MAIN STO 
                              .OWatrtow, Wi 

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