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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Watertown directory: B],   pp. 39-51 PDF (3.7 MB)

Page 40

     If You Want to Buy or Sell a Lot. eouse or Farm. Go to 
          EDWARD" F.REA          E LAWYER at 
                           116 MAINSTREET, .. WATERTOWN, WIS, 
     BAN         WATERTOWN]    40 DiRECTORY.        BEA    a 
_ BANK OF WATERTOWN Wm Buchheit pres M J Woo- 
i-c     dard v pres EJ Brandt 2nd v pres F E Woodard cash 12 fl 
m       Main (see front cover)                          ,.V 
In   Barber Eliza S Y (wid Martin N) res 419 N Washington  t 
   E Barber Laura teacher High School res 419 N Washington   aft 
- . Barber U Neal (Goeldner & Barber) res 419 N Washington  5. 
. Barganz Carl lab res 916 N 4th 
   - Barganz Herman milk dlr 916 N 4th res same 
"- C Barganz Herman jr clk res 916 N 4th 
     Barganz Ida teacher res 916 N 4th 
   - Barrett Bridget (wid John) res '710 Market 
C    Bartlett Corrinne Miss res 307 N Cadv 
ZZ BARTLETT EDWARD L street sewer and paving con- . 
        tractor concrete construction and cement walks 307 W 'm 
4=      Cadv res same 
     Bartlett Sarah J (wid Julius) res 318 Montgomery 
     Bartz Frank F butcher res 509 Emmet                    A 
     Bartz Michael lab res 218 W Main 
C02 Bartz William porter 10 Main res 214 W Main               - 
     Bassinger Henry lab res 902 Garfield               -  
Bi-J East Carl lab res 1400 Prospect                    a -- 
Q    Bast Elsie domestic 314 N 5th                      2" 
     Bates Lyman E res 215 N Warren                             _ 
SBates Rollin M postal elk C M & St P Ry res 213 N Warren 
     Bauer Augusta (wid Charles) res 613 N 2nd "              _ 
     Baumann Adolph letter carrier No 1 res 213 4th          C- 
     Baumann Albert F tailor tes 615 Cady 
UJ   Baumann Alfred F mngr Dornfeld-Kunert Co res 223 N         - 
~       Washington 
     Baumann Arnold E candy mkr res 310 N Warren          - 
Baumann Elsie Miss res 223 N Washington                       F 
     Baumann Fritz lab res 1010 Oak                     iF 
    Baumann Lillie Miss res 615 Cady                   2 a 
     Baumann Max student res 213 4th                    - 0" 
   Baumgartner Theresa (wid Stephen) res 800 N 2nd      o . 
   Baumgartner Theresa Miss res 800 N 2nd                    z 
 a U. Bauer John lab res 236 Spaulding 
     Bauer Sophia elk 105 Main res 308 Cole             .. 
   o Bayerlein Alex brewer res 104 Division 
   - Bayerlein Elizabeth Miss res 104 Division              0 
   S Beals Elias F pres Beals & Torry Shoe Co res Milwaukee Wis  "
Z D Beals & Torry Shoe Co Elias F Beals pres Alexis Torry v-pres 
        E H Baker res mngr mnfrs shoes Water n e cor Milwaukee 2 
                                    DEUTSCHE ADVOAATE. 

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