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Estabrooks, Elisha Henry, 1844- / Letters, 1862
SC 1083 ([unpublished])

Estabrooks, Elisha
[Transcribed letter from Elisha Estabrooks to his family: Vicksburg, Mississippi, August 15, 1864]

Vicksburg Miss. Aug l5th/64
Dear ones at home. it is with the greatest of pleasure
that I sit down to let you noe that I have received four
letters from home. I received two Saturday, Aug 13th one of them
was dated June 2nd and the other was dated June 29th.   they both
went to port hudson before I got them. I was very sorry to hear
that Nelly was dead and that sorrel colt two. it makes quite A
loss. The colt never would have A mounted to much I dont think
Father I have just received those two letters one had the Postage
stamps and the other the five Dollars. I am very much obliged for
the money and stamps, for it will be some time before we get paid
off, and I shall nead them quite bad. Father I havent heard
from Titus since I was left here. There is one of my company
here with me. he got A letter from the regt but it did not
say any thing About Titus. his letter stated that Hurbert Arnold
was dead and several others. Father you spoke About my getting
A furlow I dent think that I can for they dont fiurlow many
unless they are so sick that they never can get well down
here. there has been quite A number that has got furlows
and some of them have dide before they ever left the Hospital,
and some would die on the road home.   I think that I an
some better in health now than I was when I was left here.
The Direah runs me quite hard. it keeps me down so weak
all of the time, so that I cant but just get Around and help my
self. it is rather sad news to hear that Dalton is Dead and
Henry A. Chose is wounded.   you wanted to noe whether I had
Received the Saturday Reporter or not I have received
several of them, but havent had any lately. Father I dont
think there would be any use in your coming down here After
me. for I dont think theyrnould let me go, and it will cost
quite A little sum of money to come down here and go

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