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Redington, Edward S. / Papers, 1862-1867
Wis Mss EQ, Folder 1 ([unpublished])

[Transcribed letter from Edward Redington to his wife, Mary: Headquarters Pioneer Corps 3rd Div., Army of Arkansas, Little Rock, Arkansas, October 23, 1863] ,   pp. 201-204

Page 203

I cannot tell how pleased I was to hear that Willie was
a good boy, and learning so fast. I always knew that he could
learn faster than any other boy if he was a mind to. I was also
much pleased with his letter, and to see how much he had improved
in writing. And those dear little girls, if they improve as fast,
I am afraid they will get to be ladies before I come home, and
I shall not know them. I almost wish Sasa could not grow a bit
until I see her, bless her little heart, how I do want to see
her and you all.
Mly company is still on duty as Pioneers. I have the new
Corps organized, but can get no cooking materials, and cannot have
them leave their various regiments until I can get them, which
I hope will be within a few days.
We had an addition today to our brigade of the 9th Wis.,
Gen. Soloman's old Regiment. They are a find body of men and
a great addition to our strength. We have now four as good
regiments as ever were mustered, and the three regiments in the
other brigade, composing our division, are just as good. Gen.
Soloman has a command that he is proud of, and I think justly so.
They are all from Wisconsin and Iowa but two. One of them is
the 43rd Indiana; the other the 77th Ohio, who stood and fought
nobly at the battle of Shiloh, when three other regiments from
Ohio ran shamefully and left them alone.
We are having cold dreary weather. Yesterday it rained all
day, and today it has been almost cold enough to freeze, overcoats
and mittens are in demand.
- 203 -

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