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Redington, Edward S. / Papers, 1862-1867
Wis Mss EQ, Folder 1 ([unpublished])

[Transcribed letter from Edward Redington to his wife, Mary: Headquarters Pioneer Corps 3rd Div., Army of Arkansas, Little Rock, Arkansas, October 23, 1863] ,   pp. 201-204

Page 202

times take round about roads to get here. But they always
keep moving, and after a while get around. First about your
coming down here. It is very difficult for anyone to travel
now on the Mississippi River. It is so low, and also very dan-
gerous, first from the lowness of the water, causing lots of
snags to show themselves, ready to punch a hole in the bottom,
then there seems to be a determination to burn, or in some way
to destroy every boat on the river. Hardly a week passes, but
one or more is burned. I should not want to have you run as
much risk as you would even for the pleasure of enjoying your
society. If we stay here until the water rises, so that boats
run to this place, I think you could come with safety. Dr.
Iawes arrived here two days ago. He was three weeks coming and
two of my boys got here last night that have been four weeks on
the way from St. Louis. So you see, that an addition to the
danger, it takes more time then one likes to spend on a journey
that ought to be made in three days.
I am very sorry to hear, that Ira is so bad off this fall.
I had hoped he would not be troubled more with bad health, at
least for some years to come. I am afraid he applies himself
too closely to business and is too much shut up in the store.
If he had my horse to ride ten miles every day, he would soon
be better, if anything would make him so. Tell him to ride
horseback long and often. There is nothing like it for him,
especially if he can ride so far that he could not get back to
his store for a month.
- 202 -

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