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Ewbank, Henry Lee, 1893- / Who should pay the doctor bills?

Adopt a system of state medicine,   pp. 26-31 PDF (2.7 MB)

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tho cojtributors pay low annual amounts intonded to provide only part of
the nocossary costs. The British Mbdionl Aswociation which strongly opposod
the health insurance lam whon it was passaed, now ondorsos it.
       0ornany has tho oldest existing governmental plan, established by
Bismarok in 1883. Originally limitod to industrial workers, it has boon ox-
tended to include coaxor~ial workers, domestic servants, rmd agricultural
laborors. In addition tO oash payments and nodical caro, maternity and
funeral benefits are paid.
       Russia has a system of state modicino, with all health institutions
controllod by the state.  Mudical service is furnished by the local branhoes
of the domlissariat of Public Health, the full cost of all insurance for
wago-earners being paid by tho stato as employer.   Frequent examinations
mado, and a patient is troatod as a membor of tho cotnunity Twhose officiency
must be increased if possible.
       Under the Saoviot segime there has boon an onormous incroaso in the
nunber of physicians. The physician has boon romovod from the field of
monetary competition, and private praotico at the present time probably
constitutes 1088 than ton por dont of zriodioal troatmont.
                                    Joel I. Soidman, Editorial Rosoarch Reports
                                    Voiluo -11, 1934, pp. 36-37."
       Partial'Stato Modicine Now Exists.In our so-called capitnlistic stato
we do have a partial systom of stat- modicino.   "In 1931, sixty-six
(66%) of all tho hospital bods in tho United Statos tro under govornaont
trol.' Moro'than one-half of tho gonoral hospital caro is providod py citios
and couotios through local hospitals."   (Wilbur Report).  Moro than
50% of
all ward cases in'our voluntary hospitals in Greater Now York are now sub-
sidized by the government. Approximately 40% of all ambuiatory casos are
handled through the city hospitals.
                                    Section 111, Supplonont to Debate Handbook
                                    on Socializod Modicino, N. U. E. L.,
                                    Septoembor, 1935, p. 75 by tho Medical
                                    L4aguo for Socialized Modicino.
       It may also be noted that state medicinc would raeroly be an extension
of the principle now operating so effectively in our .jT* and Navy'Modicrl
Corps.  The e,:cellent rmnner in which thoso modical corps stood the strain
to which they voro subjectod during tho World War would indicate that a
similar ayston bight operate offootivoly now.
       Prorrl of tho Mbdical -Loague for Socialized Medicine.   The Madical
Luague for Socializod Modicino submits tho followin g platform or progran
of measures and moans to be developed into law, and to servo as a basis upon
which to establish an adequate systoa of Socialized Medicino, with adoquato
care of the people by the doctors and adoquate caro of the doctors by tho
       1. Adequato medical care of the sick and injurod as a socialfunction,
           right and duty, and not as a private or public charity. Curativo
           as well aa preventive means, noasuros, and agoncies to be includod.
       2. A socialized system of nodical care in health, illnoss and injury
           froe of fees.
           (a) Under the auspices and with the sibaidy of the state.
           (b) Financed by taxation, similar to the public educational
                system or othor governriental functions.

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