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Dinsdale, Matthew / Matthew Dinsdale papers, 1836-1897: Folder 3

Downieville Cal 26th January 1852 PDF (6.0 MB)

  Down__ville ___26th January 1858.
My Dear Sir/
 You were informed some time ago of my being in this
country so that this letter will not take you by suprise unless
my writing at all does. Forgive me that I have not before now
carried out my own wishes in this respect. I _____ you the 
desire to write to you and ____ WOod has often been felt, but now
almost all that is left me is to be sorry that I have been so
________. I do not much wonder that I am in California.
Between three and four years before the gold was discovered I
had a great desire to move to the Pacific coast at least to see
the country. All that kept me back at that time was the want
of suitable compant to emigrate with. When ________ the gold
was found, and the fact of California being an ________ country
I thought my mind was made up never to look upon it or place
foot on it. The whole land appeared to have become polluted every
body was going, intending to go, or wanting to go. The snows on its
___ would reflect then transparency, the rains from ___________,
and the mild ocean _____ it all, all in vain. Yet human or personal
consistency I have ______ the unclean things! And if possible more
strange I feel no sorrow! for my sin. Next to being at the "worlds
in 1851 I would prefer to have been in California. Here are _________
that would not damage the softest cheek, an atmosphere fine
and healthy; a sky bright, blue, and serene; rivers, mountains, plains,
that will compare favorably with any on the globe.
The ________ of this great and glorious country, ____ the world con-
versing with art, as was fitting, and praying a just and mighty
tribute to ________________ and industry. I had to try to satisfy myself
*text is upside down*

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