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Dinsdale, Matthew / Papers, 1836-1897
Call Number, Wis MSS DL, folder 3 ([unpublished])

Linden 9th October 1849 PDF (4.5 MB)

Saturday 13th. I thougth a day or two ago I would not send
this for a week or two, but have concluded not to delay any
longer. I have told you it is _______ I shall see Ann
in a short time. I now fear I cannot, as if I go west
I may not be able to start early enough. I have been
expecting Mr. _____ for some days but he has not yet
come. Our route to California will be by way of New
York, the facilities for getting along being much greater
____ from any other point. There we shall probably
take a steam boat to the Isthmus after crossing which
we expect to take another steam Boat to San Franscisco
We calculate on accomplishing the journey in forty days.
I suppose it will be rather expensive.
If we do go you will hear from me agian before long.
I may write again before leaving Wisconsin, if We do not
get off for two weeks. We shall be _____________ at
some of the West India islands, and would it not be
pleasant to hear from me there?
I shall take a little luggage as possible, sufficient
clothing, but not many books, is if I want I can
purchase at San Franscisco there being a Methodist
Book Depository about to be established there.
One commentary and a few others will be all I
shall take. I have disposed of some of my library
to _____ Lawson, and some I will leave with Jane.
If you do not hear from me soon do not _____
to write as soon as possible and address to me
San Francisco  With love to all your as
California  ever affectinately
____ I send tow more papers. In one you will find a letter from

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