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Town of Day, 101 years

Family farms,   pp. 165-275

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Oldest Family-Operated
Farm in Town of Day
One hundred and five years ago Jacob Reichert came
to the area that was later to become the town of Day. It
was still a part of the town of Bergen back in 1877. Jacob
came from Germany, then settled for a time in the town of
Rhine, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. He was born
March 24, 1844 to Henry and Elizabeth (Spindler)
Reichert. Jacob's wife Catherine Fluehr was born April 4,
1848. Her parents were Phillip and Mary Fluehr also of
Germany. On April 7, 1877 the Reicherts began farming
their land which is located northwest of Rozellville. The
first services of St. Paul's Lutheran Church were held in
the Reichert home.
Jacob and Catherine had four children, Fred, Katie
Phillip and Henrietta. Their first born, Fred was born
December 27, 1877. He married Lydia Toelle. He died
March 18, 1968.
Katie Reichert was born on April 3. The year is not
known. She married Adam Zimmerman. Katie and Adam
had two children, Louis born September 27, 1901 and
Amanda born October 12, 1905. Louis and his wife
Anntonett were married in Milwaukee. She died October
5, 1979.
Amanda Zimmerman married Albert Kaufman in
1926. Their son Ray was born June 24, 1927, and died
August 15, 1977. Ray and his wife Rochelle were married
on July 4, 1956. They had two children Jay born January
19, 1958 and Joy born May 1959. Both children were born
in Milwaukee.
Henrietta Reichert was born September 14, 1882. She
married Henry Hilgeman.   They had eight children,
Armand, Melinda, Gilsa, Norman, Myra, Alma, Selma
and Evelyn.
Armand was born May 13, 1907. He married Brigetta
Olig in Milwaukee on January 17, 1953. They had two
children, Susan and Jane. Susan was born November 12,
1953. She married Robert Manousky April 12, 1975. They
have a son Mathew born June 20, 1981. Jane was born
July 31, 1957. Both of Armand and Brigetts's daughters
were born in the town of Emmett.
Melinda Hilgeman was born June 22, 1908. She
married Lamar Kachel in January of 1957 in Milwaukee.
Gilsa Hilgeman was born August 12, 1909. She
married Ferdinand Fuss on June 6, 1942.
Norman Hilgeman was born December 29, 1910. He
married Mildred Landwehr June 20, 1935. They have six
children: Robert, Elizabeth, Robin, Glen, Paulette and
Robert was born June 9, 1939. He married Evelyn
Kinseler in Oshkosh on June 27, 1958. They have two
Elizabeth Hilgeman was born June 12, 1959. She
married Chris Silvers in Oshkosh in October of 1977.
Glen Hilgeman was born January 26, 1943. He
married the former Bonnie Puttman on June 30, 1970 in
Paulette Hilgeman was born September 30, 1948. She
married Gary Wolfe on October 31, 1970. They have two
children Candace Lee born March 5, 1977 and Patrick
Gary born May 2, 1982.
Daniel Hilgeman was born February 21, 1954. He was
married on June 24, 1972 to Peggy Holmes. They have
two children, Kurt born April 30, 1973 and Keith born
October 20, 1974.
Myra Hilgeman was the fifth child of Henrietta
Reichert and Henry Hilgeman. She was born April 27,
1912. She married Robert Kupfer on September 16, 1948
in Milwaukee.
Alma Hilgeman, the sixth child born to Henrietta and
Henry, was born on April 3, 1915. She married Berwyn
Hanley on August 17, 1947 in Milwaukee.
Selma Hilgeman was born September 15, 1920. She
was the seventh child born to Henrietta and Henry
Evelyn Hilgeman was born March 20, 1925. She was
married on August 20, 1947 to Raymond Grossbier. They
have two daughters, Linda and Barbara. Linda was born
June 11, 1950 and she married Gary Heeler September 20,
1975. Linda and Gary have a son Craig born April 30,
Barbara Grossbier was born August 13, 1953. She
married Scott Von Holzen and they have a daughter
Kinsey born June 4, 1979.
Jacob Reichert died on October 19, 1908 and his wife
Catherine died October 4, 1934.
Jacob Reichert's son, Phillip became the second owner
of the family farm. Phillip was born May 15, 1880. He
married Charlotte Gessert on December 29, 1909.
Charlotte (known as Lottie) was born March 3, 1886. Her
parents were Adam and Anna (Thompson) Gessert of
Manville in Marathon County. Their wedding took place
in the town of Day.
The farm at this time consisted of 78 acres. Two of the
acres had been given to build a church on. It was
constructed in 1896 on the south edge of the Reichert land.
Later on, the Arthur school building was purchased and
moved from its original location just to the east of the
Reichert land to a spot immediately east of the church. It
continued then to be used as a teaching facility, only now
the instruction was of the Sunday School nature.
Phillip Reichert and his wife Lottie had seven children.
Mrs. Charles (Alma) Hoefs, Mrs. Clarence (Elsie)
Borchardt, Henry, Ervin, Leonard, Mrs. Joseph (Helen)
Muldowney and Mrs. Clarence (Evelyn) Zarnke.
Alma was born November 13, 1910. She and her
husband had six children: lone, Edna, Alfred, John,
Diane and Ruth. Alma died on April 20, 1978.
Elsie was born January 25, 1914. She and Clarence
had a son Ellsworth who had five children: Debbie,
Douglas, Duane, Dennis and Denise.
Henry Reichert was born September 14, 1912.
Leonard Reichert was born April 11, 1920. He died in
June of 1921.
Helen Reichert was born February 29, 1924. She and
her husband Joseph had three children:   Kenneth,
Michael and Robert.
Evelyn Reichert Zarnke was born September 28, 1927.
She and Clarence had six children: Debbie, Pamela
(Mrs. Rick Neises), Clarence Jr., Rhonda, Larry and
Ervin Reichert was born August 9, 1916.  Ervin
became the third generation Reichert to take over his
family's farm. He was married on June 21, 1941 to
Florence Polivka in the town of Day. Florence is the
daughter of James and Katherine (Sell) Polivka of Day
township and was born April 22, 1921.  Florence is
descended from her father James, son of Joseph and

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