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Clarke, Graydon (ed.) / The crimson


9he (rimson
Z~e Vearin naskdbatt
"HE season of 1918 in basketball, from the standpoint of victory, was not a
decided success. The contrast with the record of the team of 1917 would
make it seem that the season was less of a success than was actually the case.
The memory of the team of a year ago and the record which it achieved still lingers
in the minds of Edgerton people overcoming somewhat the realization that the
team of this year had so frequently to bow to a conquering five from some neigh-
boring city.
The season, such as it was, was to be expected. With all but one of last year's
champions having graduated or left school, with sickness or some other concoction
of the goddess of ill-luck being the only consistent factor in shaping the team,
Edgerton High School had to prove itself a good sportsman this year and show
how very properly it could conduct itself in defeat.
Lawrence Kepp of last year's five was the only one of that mighty team who
remained in school. James Curran, a substitute of last year was unable to play
more than a few games of this year because of serious illness. The team was, in
personnel, continually changing. Disqualification spoiled the chances of some of
our most promising material. When a game was scheduled, not until his team
went onto the floor was Coach Dupee able to say what his line up would be.
The real find of the season seemed to be Thompson'18. Burdick '18, Jenson '18,
and Ellingson '18 were entirely new to interscholastic basketball but acquitted
themselves well. Thompson, '17, and Schoenfeldt '17 show rather unusual promise
and should make valuable possibilities for another year. Hellar '21 was faithful all
year and should be a star as a Sophomore. There will be a wealth of material out
in 1919 and with the spirit characterizing them which is the truly typical Edgerton
spirit made famous by athletes of the past than whom there are no better, the
team of next year should make a record which, whether characterized by victory
or defeat, will be no disgrace.
Our record in games played this year shows one victory on the side of our
balance sheet which always indicates at least a partially satisfactory season. We
defeated Stoughton at Edgerton. The third game, played at Milton, was lost to
our neighbor, but though we lost we were more than glad to enable the Stoughton
five, in some degree, to win that tournament. We lost two games to University
High, a splendid aggregation. Ft. Atkinson, a team which was on a par with
Edgerton won one from us and lost one to us. At Mt. Horeb we took the team of
our former popular coach, Mr. Lewis, into camp. Janesville, who had not won a
game from us in five years, this year made up for victories lost by taking two. At
the Milton tournament we gathered in the scalp of Sun Prairie but lost our own to
West Allis.
We must have prayed the Lord at the opening of the year not to give us too
much victory. Our prayer was answered. The year however brought us to a
realization of the fact that every year could not be characterized by championship
teams, as had been true for the past five years. The season was a real test of rea
merit. Most of us met it. Next year we will all meet the test.

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