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Clarke, Graydon (ed.) / The crimson


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":EDGERTON has within recent years had near champions and real champions
in section and state in two branches of athletic sports. With a basketball
team that won the championship of southern Wisconsin for two successive years,
winning third in two state tournaments, with a football team which won not only
the high school but also the championship among academies of the state we have
had a record of which we may well be proud.
This year we had to submit to the inevitable and allow championship laurels
to rest with other schools. When this realization came to us we looked about for
fresh fields and when we found that in the field of agriculture there was a state
wide organiztion of high schools and county agricultural schools in which compe-
tition was to exist leading toward state honors, we resolved to try our hand.
The state was organized into districts, competition between schools in each
district was held, and the winners appeared at Madison, under the auspices of the
University, there to contest for state honors. While hardly as exciting to a crowd
of fans as is an athletic contest, the judging of stock which the new contest involved
was no less valuable.
In the local district the Edgerton High School competed with Janesville, Mil-
ton, and Milton Junction. The Edgerton representatives were Lowell Slagg,
Russell Schoenfeldt and Kitchell Sayre. This team carried off the district honors.
The winners of similar contests from all over the state met at Madison for a final
contest later in the year. About seventy-five agricultural students from the high
schools and county training schools of the state were there to contest. It meant a
clash of real merit. It meant intelligence, judgment, some real bases in strong
agricultural training for the team which carried away the cup.
After the contest was all over the contestants, together with a number of agri-
culturists from various parts of the state, were gathered at the agricultural college
to hear the decision of the judge. So keen had been the competition that the
Edgerton team had little expectation that the announcement would be "First
Place-Edgerton High School."    But it seemed to be a habit for Edgerton High
School to win what it went after and the coveted announcement indicating that
our team had won the championship of the state was made.
A beautiful cup was brought to the school by the victors. The cup represents
more than mere victory. It represents two years of exceptionally fine training in
agricultural lines. It indicates that to Mr. A. J. Dexter, who organized the course,
and to Mr. R. E. Decker, who continued the good work, great credit is due. Their
work was solid. The value of an agricultural course was concretely demonstrated.
Our hope is, when the war shall have ended, that this very valuable phase of high
school activity may again be made a prominent feature of the work of the local
high school.

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