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Clarke, Graydon (ed.) / The crimson


ight Crimson
Z HE year of work in forensics was one of particular success. Two joint debates
were conducted, one with Madison High School, the other with Stoughton
High School. The question debated with both of these schools was "That strikes
and lockouts should be made unlawful for the duration of the war, in government
establishments and in establishments in which the bulk of the product was manu-
factured under direct contract with the government."
In both debates Edgerton secured a unanimous decision of the judges. Against
Madison Perry Anderson, Sylvester Burdick and Lowell Slagg were victorious,
while victory was wrested from Stoughton by Frederick Ellingson, Stanley Slagg
and Gerhard Jenson.
In declamation, oratory and extemporaneous speaking the work of the year was
of exceptional class. The contests were the best which the local school has held.
Preliminary contests were first held and representatives selected for the final con-
tests; of these there were four, medals being offered to the winner of each. In the
declamatory contest the medal offered by the Edgerton Credit Association was
won by Eleanor Maltpress. In the oratorical contest Sylvester Burdick won the
Tobacco Exchange Bank medal, while Stanley Slagg won the Extemporaneous
medal which was presented by the First National Bank, and in the final contest,
that of original orations, the Highway Trailer Co. medal went to Frederick Ellingson.
The Crimson takes this opportunity of thanking the organizations which have
made it possible for the High School to offer medals in the contests held. The value
of the contests is only appreciated by those who participated in past years and who
realize from consequent experience what their high school training meant to
them. It is hoped that the future will see work in forensics widened, not curtailed.
Too much of this type of work is hardly a probability.
Wearers of the Yorensic f, '12, '18
L. WHITTET                G. GARDINER             A. THORESON
E. FLARITY                M. HENDERSON            E. WHITFORD
H. PRATT                  K. EARLE                F. CURRAN
G. DALLMAN                G. LYNTZ                A, HANSON
C. SWEENEY                F. KELLOGG              F. THOMPSON
J. BOUTELLE               C. HUBBELL              S. SMITH
W. SHEA                   B. GIRARD               M. CUNNINGHAM
M. CHAMBERLAIN            L. SHOLL                N. GILE
M. OGDEN                  M. BURDICK              H. FARMAN
E. MORRISON               H. VooG                 C. BARRETT
M. CUNNINGHAM             E. Nelson               D. TOWNE
N. BRADLEY                G. JENSON               F. ELLINGSON
F. ELLINGSON              P. ANDERSON             L. SLAGG
E. MALTPRESS              S. SLAGG                L. CURRAN
R. TOUTON                 K. SAYRE                B. HOLTON
R. KELLOGG                C. SAUNDERS             S. BURDICK

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