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Clarke, Graydon (ed.) / The crimson


Zhr (Eriman
Sernor Vass 7poem
n? T~alrine Mft. J bifer
This is the Edgerton High School. The school much renowned here of late.
Whose teachers are all the finest, and pupils come close in their wake
But the class which is rated the highest in this wonderful High School of ours,
Are the Seniors-the Seniors of '18, a class of most wonderful powers.
First there is James, our president throughout our four years of schooling,
Who can talk-then talk  and still talk, regardless of ruling,
Sometimes he has something worth while to say, sometimes he has not;
But regardless of time, place, or people concerned he still talks a lot
Then there are Zyda and Esther; the inseparable pair,
If you see one of them, look around, for the other is sure to be there.
The boys all went to war you know,
So devotion to one another they show
0, that boy of such wonderous size,
And the mouth and the grin are likewise;
This is Fritz of whom we all know
That his ambition is no more to grow
There are Margaret and Graydon the Castles,
Who teach new steps to lads and lassies,
Although they are thin they're not lacking in vim
And they're latest expression's "0 Min.
Ches, with his Scouts may be seen walking about,
Or with them behind the school drilling;
On long hikes he goes, with these Scouts we all know.
And the sight surely is a thing thrilling.
Frances in the office does the work,
And this girl's never been known to shirk,
She walks about with a business-like air,
And as to getting out work-she surely is there.
Roy has a girl we are told
But we fear she would think he was bold,
If she heard of his fussing and also his blushing
When looking at some Sophomore girl-
Tho Gordon's a Senior this year
He has a liking for Dahls still we fear.
Not the d-o-l-, but Dia-h-1,
Is the kind which he cares for this year
There are Kathryn and Hilma, together in "lab."
One is good, but the other is bad.
"I think it should be done this way."
To Kathryn Hilma's heard to say.
Archie is our bicycle rider.
But the space "twixt" he and the ladies grows wider.
Eddie is like a clown in the circus,
And supplies entertainments for all of us.
Helen is the history shark.
When she speaks we all tend to hark.
The other Helen is our "hello girl
And Irish at that-is this girl.
Alma is good-natured and quiet.
And no one will try to deny it.
Edith's favorite express's "good enuf"
And this girl seldom tries to bluff,
Florence is ever meek and mild,
And never anything but a very good child,
She's the valedictorian ot the class,
And surely some girl is this lass.
Kathryn is e'er ready to eat,
And she never refuses a treat,
At the Badger on Sunday, and also on Monday,
And every other day of the week.
In commercial work Margaret does shine,
But in spite of work has a very good time,
Then there are Norah and Sophie the girls full of pep,
And two of the jolliest whom we have met.
There's Myrtle whom we believe likes to flirt,
But Perry says, "What does this hurt,
If I can get a date once in a while,
And get her upon me to bestow a smile?"

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