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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

Wautoma, 1,046,   pp. 140-141 PDF (478.3 KB)

Wauwatosa, 5,818,   p. 141 PDF (239.3 KB)

Wauzeka, 479,   p. 141 PDF (239.3 KB)

Page 141

|Covering Rural Wisconsin Effectively
        The Argus was founded at Pine River in 1859 by D. H. Pulcifer, who
moved it to Wautoma within about two months. Before the end of the year,
sold to J. W. Rist and Company and it was conducted by Mr. Rist and W. C.
for about two years, then it was purchased by Stowers and Lookerby. About
the Argus was purchased by Munroe and Potter, the latter selling to munroe
after a few year's experience. About 1880, R. J. T. Ellarson purchased the
Argus and, some time prior to 1900, sold a half interest to W. H. Barray,
later bought out his partner. They conducted the Argus to 1916 and then sold
to T. M. Risk, who edited the weekly till 1923 when R. W. Harmon, the present
editor, purchased the establishment.
                                         B W
WIAULWATOSA, 5,818                                                    II
        Located only five miles west of Milwaukee in Milwaukee county, this
has several good-sized industries. Wauwatosa has two rural routes.
                                    WAUWATOSA NEWS
Circulation, 1100                                                      Thursday
         C. L. Benoy publishes this weekly which was founded in 1899.
                                         B W
WAUZEKA, 479                                                           C
         Dairying and stock raising score first. Cheese boxes and axe handles
 are made here. A large quantity of butter, cheese, pickles, honey, poultry,
 and tobacco are shipped from this Crawford county town. Wauzeka has two
                                   WAUZEK& CHIEF
 Circulation                Is it sworn? No.                            Thursday
 Ldvertising rates - display, per inch 20%.    Classified        , Agency
 Mechanical requirements - width of column, 13 ems,    Depth of column, 20
          Columns to page, 6. Body type, 10 pt. Screen of halftones, 80.
          Use Mats? No.
          Harry C. and Nellis S. Craig edit this weekly that was established
, -! (j

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