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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

Waukesha, 12,558,   p. 138 PDF (252.3 KB)

Waunakee, 560,   p. 138 PDF (252.3 KB)

Waupaca, 2,839,   pp. 138-139 PDF (506.5 KB)

Page 138

Covering Rural Wisconsin Effectivelyl
WAUKESHA, 12,558                                                      YU10KESHA
        Spring water, of the very best kind, has aided in making this town
famous. However, its chief industry is dairying. Other important products
that have "Waukesha" labeled on them are gasoline engines, church
and aluminum products, aeroshade, porch furniture, malted milk.   Y'aukesha
nine rural routes.
                                WAUJKEHSA FREEMAN
Circulation, 1500             Is it sworn? Yes.                        Thursday
Advertising rates - display, per inch 354. Classified, per line 6/. Agency
        commission, 15%.
Mechanical requirements - width of column, 131 ems. Depth of column, 2O 4
        inches. Columns to page, 7. Body tyrpe, 8 pt. Screen of halftones,
        100 to 120. Use Mats? Yes.
Advertising representatives - Luch E. Strong, 259 South Street.
        S. N. Cullator founded in 1859 but edited it only for one year. His
successor, L. B. Wright, served for ten years and then Reid and Nick Smith
were editors till 1872. T. W. Haight edited the Freeman for several years
and in 1873 H. M. Youmans took charge and continued as publisher and editor
to the present day. Mr. Haight continued to do editorial writing on the Freeman
for a number of years after Mr. Youmans became proprietor.
                                        B W
IWVAUNAKEE, 560                                                         
         Farming is most important in this Dane county community. Novelities
 are made here. Waunakee has three rural routes.
                                WAUNAKEE TRIBUNE
 Circulation, 650
         In 1911 this weekly was established. Its present editor is A. A.
 WAUPACA, 2,839                                                         WAUPACA
         Good dairy cows are helping to make Waupaca famous. Potatoes, rye,
 cucumbers, butter and cheese are exported from this community. Waupaca grade
 Holstein and Jersey cattle are in great demand.   There are 53 cheese factories
 in Waupeca county, Waupaca has seven rural routes.
, 4

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