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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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Page 132

  Covering Rural W isconsin Effectively                                 
        Charles Deming, who founded this weekly in 1896, edited it for one
year. H. D. Bliefernich, the second editor, was in charge till 1904.
Ware & Lee were at the helm from 1904 to 15 and then Russell & Dozer
it till 1917. Osborne Brothers, the present editors, took charge in 1917,
                                     B W
TURTLE LIKE, 679                                                     BARRON
        General farming and dairying lead in this Barron county community.
Turtle Lake has three rural routes.
                              TURTLE LAKE TIMES
Circulation, 520                                                     Friday
        A. G. Huhn edits this paper established in 1899,
                                     B W
TWO RIVERS, 8,000                                                    MANITOI'MC
        The Hamilton Manufacturing Company, employing about 1,000 people,
is the largest manufacturer of printer's furniture in the world.    They
also make dental cabinets of the highest quality.   Lluminum ware, veneer,
marine engines and fishing command attention. Two Rivers has three rural
                             TWO RIVERS CHRONICLE
Circulation                                                       Wednesday
Advertising rates - display, per inch 30g.   Classified, per inch 50.
        Agency commission, 15%. Cash discount, 2%.
Mechanical requirements - width of column, 13 ems. Depth of column, 22
         inches. Columns to page, 7. Body type, 8 pt. Use Hats, Yes.
         Founded in 1871 by H. E. Pierpont, this weekly was conducted by
its first editor for two years. W. F. Nash, who immediately took up the
work, continued till 1912. Noel Nash has been editor since that time.
                            TWO RIVERS REPORTER
Circulation, 1510                                                    Friday
         Fred M. Althem, the founder and the first editor of this weekly,
served till 1913. Arthur Baetz is the present editor.

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