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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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Page 123

Covering Rural Wisconsin Effectively
SHULLSBURG, 1158                                                    LAFAYETTE
        Lead and zinc mining is at the present time the chief mainstay of
this Lafayette county town.   However, farming is developing every year in
the community ahd hogs, cattle and milk end poultry are important to the
entire comrunity. Shullsbur- has three rural routes.
                           SHULLSBURG PICK AND GAD
Circulation, 800                                                    Thursday
        Founded in 1881, the Pick and Gad was edited till 1906 by T. J. Law.
A. W. Law then conducted it till 1912 and tMen H. Williars carried it for
a year.  J. W. Blackstone was editor from 1913 to 19 and L. E. Grntiot from
1919 to 1923.  The present editor, A. W. Law assurnd charge in 1923.
                                      B W
SLIDES CORINFRS                                                      KENOSHA
                             SLADES CORNER MUGWUMP
Circulation                                                         Thursday
         The editor of this weekly is P. J. Sauer.
                                      B W
 SOLDIERS GROVE, 653                                                 C RAWFCRD
         Lumber and tobacco are shipped in large quantities from this Craw-
 ford county town. Soldiers Grove has five rural routes.
                                KICKAPOO SCOUT
 Circulation, 850                                                    Thursday
         Founded in 1881, this weekly is edited by A. C. Rasmussen.
                                       B W
 SOUTH MILY10UKEE, 7,598                                            1'IJLWAUKEE
          Steam shovels and dredges, made by the Bucyrus Company, have carried
 the name of this town to all parts of the world.    Its products were used
 the construction of the Panama Canal.    Cabbages and pickles are canned
 South Milwaukee. Malleable iron is produced and electrical fixtures cnd
 children's shoes originate in this 1i-lweukee county town.    It is also
 for its wonderful Grant Park public golf course.    South Milwarukee has
 rural routes.
. ........ *,-

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