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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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(Covering Rural Wisconsin Effectivelyl
       The Chronotype, the oldest paper in Barron county, was gotten out
an old hand press, September 9, 1874 by C. W. Carpenter and W. L. Abbott,
the latter leaving in a few months because "Rice Lake had no future".
Dewey, cousin of Admiral Dewey, came in 1875 and stayed one year and founded
the Barron County Shield at Barron. Succeeding editors and publishers of
the Chronotype were Charles Nunn, Fread Peachman, Charles F. Bone Company,
P. H. Swift, H. M. Hilliker, E. N. Bowers, E. C. McClelland, R. C. Peck,
August F. Ender and Warren D. Leary. Some of these men after publishing the
Chronotype established other papers in Rice Lake. Ender is the present edi-
tor and W. D. Leary the business manager.
                                      B W
RICHLAND CENTER, 3409                                                 RICHLAND
       Primarily a dairy community is this Richland County town. The Carna-
tion condensary can handle 150,000 pounds of milk daily and it employs about
40 people.  Cheese ranks first as a community asset.    Hardwood lumber,
boxes and veneers also furnish considerable revenue, Richland Center has
three rural routes.
Circulation, 2200         Is it sworn? Yes.                           Thursday
Advertising rates - display, per inch 35$. Agency commission, 15%. Cash
       discount, 2%.
Mechanical requirements - width of column, 13 ems. Depth of column, 21-3
       inches. Columns to page, 7. Body type, 8 pt. Screen of halftones,
       100. Use Mats? Yes.
Advertising representatives - American Press Association, New York.
       November, 1855 was the lead-off date for this weekly newspaper, with
Israel Sanderson as the founder; he served till 1858. Up to 1864, J. Wal-
worth was in charge; J. H. Waggoner carried it till 1866. Three men, J.
Walworth, W. M. Fogo and J. IA. Hopkins, had charge from 1866 to 1876; and
C. H. Smith and G. L. Laus were editors for one year. Subsequent directors
were J. H. Waggoner, George D. Stevens, W. M. Fogoo S. W. Fogo has been
editor since 1904. The present paper is owned by a company composed of W.
Thurber, Mrs. Amelia Fogo and the editor.
                            RICHLAND CENTER DEMOCRAT
Circulation, 200                                                    Wednesday
        During the summer of 1891, W. G. Barry established The Democrat and
he rerained as editor till April 1, 1923, when the present owner, A. P. Jndrews
purchased the plant, In 1924, The Democrat purchased a half-interest in
The Richland Rustic with The Republican-Observer.

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