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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

Phillips, 1973,   pp. 104-105 PDF (418.3 KB)

Pittsville, 504,   p. 105 PDF (204.1 KB)

Plainfield, 680,   p. 105 PDF (204.1 KB)

Page 105

ICovering Rural Wisconsin Effectively|
                               PHILLIPS TIMES
Circulation, 800                                                     Saturday
       During December 1876, the first number of the Tirres was struck off.
Its founder, F. W. Sackett edited it till 1913 when he was succeeded by the
present editor, George E. Sackett.
                                     B W
PITTSVILLE, 504                                                         
       A cheese and butter factory are located in this community of Wood
county. Farming, especially, cabbage growing, and dairying is carried on
in this Wood county town. Pittsville has three rural routes.
                              PITTSVILLE RECORD
Circulation, 836
       C. E. McKee edits this weekly that was founded in 1883.
                                      B W
PLAINFIELD, 680                                                     W1AU
       Farming, with a preponderance of dairying, leads in the Plainfield
area in Waushara county.   Local farmers have been raising rany acres of
tatoes, but they are gradually -working into pure bred live stock and alfalfa.
Plainfield has four rural routes.
                                PLAINFIELD SUN
Circulation, 1050      Is it sworn? No.                                Friday
Advertising rates - display, per inch 25g. Classified, per line 5ยข.
        Agency commission, 15%. Cash discount, 2%.
Mechanical requirements - width of column, 13 ems.    Depth of column, 19-3
        inches. Columns to page, 6. Body type, 9 pt. Screen of halftones,
        80 to 100. Use Mats? No.
        About eight .Years ago this weekly was bought by its present owner,
 W. H. Fields, from Johnson and Fields. It is 43 years old and was operated
 by L. W. Chapman for about 35 years.

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