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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

Pepin, 555,   p. 104 PDF (218.1 KB)

Peshtigo, 1440,   p. 104 PDF (218.1 KB)

Phillips, 1973,   pp. 104-105 PDF (418.3 KB)

Page 104

|Covering Rural Wisconsin EffectivelyI
PEPIN, 555                                                              PEPIN
       Commercial fishing is one of the most valuable assets to the
community.  Clamming in the local streams is done on a large scale.    Agri-
culture, with a preponderance of dairying, is very important to the town.
Local farmers are going in for stock and poultry raising, too. Pepin has
three rural routes.
                                PEPIN HErZALD
Circulation, 600            Is it sworn? lio.                        Thursday
Advertising rates - display, per inch 15/, (5/ additional for composition).
       Classified, per inch 30/. Agency commission, 15%. Cash discount, 2%.
Mechanical requirements - width of column, 13 ems. Depth of column, 17-3
       inches. Columns to page, 5. Body type, 10 pt. Screen of halftones,
       60 to 100. Use Mats? No.
       Founded on February 13, 1908, by Lloyd A. Axtell, this paper has been
edited by its founder ever since.
                                      B W
PESHTIGO, 1440                                                      MARINETTE
       This community, located in the heart of a good farming section, is
noted far and wide for its summer outdoor attractions. Peshtigo has three
rural routes.
                                PESHTIGO TI!TES
Circulation, 1225                                                    Thursday
        Founded in 1893 this Marinette county weekly is operated by V. L.
                                      B W
PHILLIPS, 1973                                                          PRICE
        This Price county town is noted first for its lumbering and second
 for its box factory. Farming is also important, and in the local program
 it is marked with a preponderance of dairying.    Phillips has three rural
                                 PHILLIPS BEE
 Circulation 800                                                      Thursday
        The Bee was established by George J. Osterman in 1884. George R,
 Foster, the present owner and editor, bought the establishment from J. H.
 Waggoner in September, 1905.
.  4

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