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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

Owen, 1083,   p. 102 PDF (247.3 KB)

Palmyra, 685,   p. 102 PDF (247.3 KB)

Pardeeville, 878,   pp. 102-103 PDF (475.1 KB)

Page 102

  Covering Rural Wisconsin EffActivo3                                   
OWEN, 1l83                                                             CLARK
       Dairying and grain growing lead in this Clark county community.
Owen has two rural routes.
                               OWEN ENTERPRISE
Circulation, 840                                                     Thursday
       V. P. Barager operates this newspaper that was established in 1906.
                                      B W
PAL!1YRA, 685                                                       JEFFERSON
       Dairying products, supported by legions of well bred Holstein cattle,
lead the products that make Hartford famous. Grain, pork and cucumbers
are also sources of much of the local wealth in this community of Jefferson
county. Palmyra has two rural routes.
                             PALMYRA ENTERPRISE
Circulation, 600        Is it sworn? No.                             Thursday
Advertising rates - display, per inch 25/,    Classified, per line 5/.
       Agency commission, 15%. Cash discount, 2%.
Tlechanical requirements - width of column, 13 ems. Depth of column, 20
       inches.  Columns to page, 6. Body type, 8 pt.    Use  lats? No.
       0. P. Dow founded this weekly larch 15, 1874 and printed it in the
early days at the office of the Whitewater Register. Ilie served for 19
years and was followed by 1'V. !!, Bilcliff.  Slibsucouent 'editors have
Badger & Tubbs, Grent Lawton, Andrew Rood and 1MIS5 Lura Dow for 20 years.
Wm. H. Ziegler purchased it in September, 1925,
                                      B W
PARDEEVILLE, 878                                                     COLUMBIA
       Noted widely is this city of Columbia county for its summer resorts.
On nearby farms great areas of peas are grown and then canned by local fac-
tories. Hogs, potatoes, butter and cheese also rank high at Pardeeville.
Pardeeville has two rural routes.
        It has a beautiful new high school accredited to the University of
Tisconsin, five good churches, a fine hotel, and has just erepted a large
new canning factory.   The city is situated 90 miles from Milwaukee, 38 miles
Prom M1cadison on state highway 44, three miles off No. 29, and 6 miles off
No. 10. It has wonderful fishing in the many lakes withina close radius
of the town itself, wlrhich is skirted by a magnificent lako.  The town boasts
of a fine prblic park, wkhich has a very fine rest camp ond tourists are
ways welcome.   Boating, bathing and fishing are at the doorstop of the city.

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