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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

Onalaska, 1066,   p. 100 PDF (242.2 KB)

Oregon, 871,   p. 100 PDF (242.2 KB)

Orfordville, 495,   pp. 100-101 PDF (450.5 KB)

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  Covering Rural Wisconsin Effeetivlyji
ONALASKA, 1066                                                   LA CROSSE
       Onalaska pickles have a state wide reputation. Their nanufacturer,
the Onalaska Pickle and Canning Company also puts up peas, corn, kraut
and relishes. The Wisconsin Spinning :Mills operate a large modern factory
here and are doing a thriving business producing wood and cotton core yarns.
Dairy products and pure bred cattle are near the top in importance, and the
local farmers are giving great attention to pedigreed seeds. Onalaska
has one rural route.
                          LA CROSSE COUNTY RECORD
Circulation, 780                                                   Thursday
Advertising rates - display, per inch 18/. Classified, per inch 45j.
       Cash discount, 2%.
Mechanical requirements - width of column, 13 ems. Depth of column, 18 inches.
       Columns to page, 5. Body type, 8 pt. Screen of halftones, 100 line.
       Use Hats? No.
       Founded in November, 1885, this weekly was edited by its founders,
Moran and Ball, for only a few months.    Alex. Moran was editor till Sept-
ember 20, 1888, and VT. J. Showers had the editorial position till M'ay,
Mrs. W. J. Showers guided the weekly for a year. J G, Showers was editor
to July, 1007; E. G. Showers till 'lay, 1918, R. I, Showers to 1919, and
E. G. Showers from July 1, 1919 to the present date,
                                    B W
OREGON, 871                                                            DANE
       This entire Dane county district is devoted to dairying and general
farming. Oregon has three rural routes.
                              OREGON OBSERVER
Circulation, 950                                                   Thursday
       Founded in 1880, this Dane county weekly is today edited by E. F.
                                    B W
ORFORDVILLE, 495                                                       ROCK
       Farming takes first place easily in this Rock county territory.
Orfordville has a prosperous cooperative creamery, a condensary, a handle
factory, broom factory, two tobacco warehouses and a high school. Orfordville
has one rural route.

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