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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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Page 88

  Covering Rural Wisconsin Effectively                                  
MILWAUKEE, 525,000                                                 MILWAUKEE
       An industrial center, one of the nation's greatest, is. this large
city. In the section of the city, where the TIMES is published, the following
products are manufactured; leather, hosiery, steel goods, shoes, motor boats,
chain belts, stoves, pianos and organs. This section of Milwaukee has over
150,000 population. Milwaukee has six rural routes.
                                 MILWAUKEE TIMES
Circulation, 25,000                                                 Thursday
Advertising rates - display, per inch $1.00 col. inch. Classified, 17 words
       25$, 2X over.   Agency commission, 15%.   Cash discount, 2%
Mechanical requirements - width of column, 12- ems. Depth of column, 21 inches.
       Columns to page, 8. Body type, 8 on 9. Screen of halftones, 65 to
       Use Mats? Yes.
       Many weekly papers have been started in this section of Milwaukee;
the Times, alone, has weathered the storm since 1888. Towell Brothers, who
founded the weekly, formerly edited a paper in England, which is still active.
Henry Towell, one of the brothers, was editor and owner until November, 1925.
His wife, sons Harold and Ernest, and daughter Lily will continue with the
                                       B W
MINERAL POINT, 2569                                                     
       The Zinc oxide factory of this Iowa county town is one of the largest
in the United States. It furnishes employment to about 200 people and is
capitalized at fifty million dollars. Its daily output for shipping purposes
averages about a carload. Sulphuric acid is also made in Mineral Point.
Beef cattle rank near the top as an asset to the community. Cheese and butter
are also made in large quantities. Mineral Point has five rural routes.
                             IOWA COUNTY DEMOCRAT
Circulation, 1300       Is it sworn? Yes.                            Thursday
Advertising rates - display, per inch 20$. Classified, per line, 10;.
       Agency commission, 15%. Cash discount, 2%.
Mechanical requirements, width of column, 13 ems. Depth of column, 20 inches.
       Columns to pare, 6. Body type, 8 pt. Screen of halftones, 133.
       Use Mats? No.
       C. J. Burghardt is the present editor of this Iowa county weekly which
was established in 1866.

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