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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

Markesan, population 959,   p. 79 PDF (257.7 KB)

Marshall, 497,   p. 79 PDF (257.7 KB)

Marshfield, 7394,   pp. 79-80 PDF (478.5 KB)

Page 79

Lcovering Rurl Wisconsin Effetivey                                      
MLRKESAN, Population 959                                           GREEN
      Washing rachine and pea canning factories are located here. It is in
the heart of a farming section. Markesrn has five rural routes.
                                 MARKE SAN BERALD
Circulation, 925                                                    Thursday
      The Herald was established in 1881. Its present editor is R. P. Van
                                        B W
1/JRSHALL, 497                                                          
      Four creameries and a condensary are supplied with milk and cream pro-
duced by Marshall farmers. This goes into the rnnufacture of butter, cheese
and condensed milk. For the year ending December 1, 1924, 85,900 cans of
and cream, 450,000 pounds of butter anrr cheese and 125 cars of livestock
18 cars of seed peas were shipped from this Dane county tovm. Marshall has
four rural routes.
                                 MARSHALL RECORD
Circulation, 400         Is it sworn? No.                             Friday
Advertising Rates - display, per inch 20$. Classified, per line 5ยข.
      commission, 15%. Cash discount, net.
 e echanical requirements - width of column, 13 ems, Depth of column, 19
      Columns to page, 6.  Body type, 9 pt.    Use Mats? No.
fdvertising representatives - American Press Association, New York City.
      April 27, 1895, was the date of the first number of the Record. It
established by F. C. King, and sold two years later to Dumphy & Bull.
August of the same year it was taken over by Lang & Jennings.    Later,
and Bull again becare editors -- but only to Decerber 17, 1897, when C. H.
took the managrement; Lake has been the owner ever since. It is now edited
and published by C. V. Lake.
                                       B W
L1.BSHFIELD, 7394                                                       
      With Plymouth, this Wood county town vies for suprer-acy as the cheese
shipping center.  Within the Marshfield trading zone, there are some 47 cheese
factories and in the city, alone, there are no less than three large cheese
warehouses. This product, of course, ranks first as a source of income.
Some butter is also produced. Wood products, wholesale groceries and steel
Foods are also important to ilarshfie Id folks.   Mnarshfie]d has seven rural

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