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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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Page 75

  Covering Rural Wisconsin Effectively                                  
                                LODI ENTERPRISE
2irculation, 900  Is it sworn? No                               Thursday
;dvertising rates - display, per inch 254. Classified, per word, 1/. Agcnc3
     cormnission, 15%. Cash discount, 2'/ - 10th of month.
Vechanical requirements - Width of Column, 13 ers.   Depth of column, 19-3
     Columns to page, 6.  Body type, 81-9 & S ^n 10.  Use Mats? No.
     E. B. Yule ard G. I. Richmond established The Enterprise in Junuary
[Wo years later Richmond sold to Yule.   Yule continued to edit the paper
ptemrber, 1902, when he sold to the present editor arid publisher, Cassius
cward, who is assisted by his daughter, Lliss Isaddwe Cownrd..
                                      B W
LOTiRA, 554                                                          DODGE
     Furniture manufacturing holds sway nt Lomira,    :ilkini miachines art
in the town and there is also a pea canning factory operatinr in the local]ity.
emira has one rural route.
                                 1 OlII R1. REVIEW
 irculation, 648                                                   Tuosdn-;
     Tho Review was born September 1G, 1903.   Its founder, C, L. Parkhln,'.0!
litor till 1909.  Subsequent editors have been L. Forbes, 1909-11; loetr
] 11-12; John 1. MAiller, l9l2-lv; i:  . Poess'er, 1917-19.  Since 1919 Ttrvin
  Xinkel has been the editor.
                                      ___ V;
Y,',T , 735                                                         C LA-
     Sahh, door, bline, exceisiur, rtavos, hcv'iiLr anrd flour ftctoriers
,-c',xed in this (lark county cornmuniiv.  LJO#t; has t±AO rurel rcutes.
                                 LOYAfL  YK I  UNIL'
 ';creation, (300    Is it svworn? Yes.                            hur'dl
       inl; rntes - artsplay, per inch 23,.  plaoified, per line 104.  .v>c"
     cormi-i ion, l3.,$. Cash discount, 2V.
     i-icel  reqoire-unrts  -  'iWidth  of  colanr.,  3  '.rr.  ] ov '' O
 ]ul''', IV ;
          n- to pnru, 7.  Body type, Y pte eri Jf lu; ftfrie 'l Y
     Te 1'.;ts? No.
   1)''5'i.'iL;;Jo,r'(,te~.0ottfito ive-                            i.-''('ri'',l
                -' i.Liri,V  r%-.'. ; .

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