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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

Laona, 1600,   pp. 73-74 PDF (505.8 KB)

Livingston, 574,   p. 74 PDF (242.1 KB)

Lodi, 1077,   pp. 74-75 PDF (464.4 KB)

Page 74

Covering Rural Wisconsin Effoctively
                                FORECT COMJ;TY TRIBUNE
Circulation, 500                                                       Thursday
Advertising rates - display, per inch 15ยข.    Classified, por inch 254.
      conm.ission, 15%. Cash discount, 2%.
"'chenical roquirerents - width of column, 13 ers.    Depth of colurn,
20 inches.
      Columns to page, 7. Body type, 8 pt. Screen of halftones, 80 line.
      .,, A
      This Laona paper was established in 1918.    Its present editor is
P. F.
Van Opens.
                                         B W
'IVINGSTON, 574                                                         
      Livingston is located in a rich farming section on the Lancaster divis~in
,f the Chicago and Northwestern railroad.    There is also mining of zinc.
Livir-szton has three rural routes.
                                 LIVTNGI TOil' LEADER
"irculation, 450       Is it sworn? No.                            
  Viedne day
idvertising rates - display, per inch 20/.   Classified, per line 5/,   I'm
      commission, 15%. Cash discount, 2%.
'?chnarical requirements - width of column, I 3 ems.  Depth of column, 17
      Columns to page, 5.   Body type, 10 pt.   Screen of halftones, 120.
      Use Mats? Nio.
Advertising representative, Anerican Press [-cociation, New York (its.
      Tom C. Snyder, who established this paper in June, 1924, edited i'
2ntil September. Walter !'cBrido was in charge until February the following
(ii 'ebroary first the paper was purchased by Harvey Cchernerhorn who is
present editor and publisher.
                                         F W
 '!I, 1077                                                             ('olulnbhiu
      A condensed milk factory, a large creamery, end a canning ficth rv
are 4Ie
elan Enterprises of Lodi. The canning corpefny cans corn, peai, and be t
  (1 i- sery i s operated by Nestlets Food company while the other wre rIctol
  0 i:;e. A pickle salting station established by Jewett and l hermrn n'
C 'i irmkeo
les-t -nirer did a thri-,ing business,  !DairyingL is the  r ain source of
inre ne
  ' r l  il ferrners lout corsideroble nork,  eef, rend mutt. n Etre pr-rduced
    ( r ii ty. Lodi has four rural routes,

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