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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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lCovering Rural Wisconsin Effccti-Tely_
KE"P.UNEE, 1865                                                    
     Over 250 men are employed in the laboratory furniture company, the largest
factory of its nature in the world.   Other nr'instays are a pen viner company,
an aluminum company, a cheese box factory, and an altar factory.    Foundries,
| achine shops, elevators aid the dairy industry in supporting this Kewaunee
county tovn.  Three banks have combined resources of nearly ",4,000,000.
Kewaunee has seven rurnl routes.
                               KEY'P.UNEE COUNTY PPESS
Circulation, 1420                                                      Friday
advertising rates - display, per inch 18/. Classified, per line 5/. Agency
     corrission, 15 .  Cash discount 2o.
Yi'echrniccl requirements - width of column, 13 ems.  Depth of column, 20
     Columns to page, 6.  Body tape, 8 pt.    Scrcen of halftones, 80.  
     [:.,-Ls? Yes.
Advertising representatives - Peco!nized ngencies.
     Foundel in 1918, the Press is today edited by Charles H. Schneider.
                                         B W
KINGSTON, 949                                                      GRETEN
     Dairying and general farring are the biggest assets of this Green Lake
county town.
                                   KINGSTON SPY
'irculation, 350
     '". E. Williams founded this Green Lakel'weekly in 1882 and edited
to 1905. E. F. Krueger, his successor, was editor for only one year and
Chatwood and Krueger carried it for another twelve months. 0. G. Stiles took
charge in 1907 and continued to 1909; he was succeeded by the present editor,
A. G. Stiles.
                                        B W
Lb/hDYM1ITH, 3581                                                       
     Paper takes first place as the noted product of Ladysmith.    Paper
and a pulp factory, operated bev the Great Western Paper Company, furnishes
ermployrent to rore than 300 ron and all together 1500 Ladysmith people
are supported more or less by this industry.    Other industries are three
rills in active operation, toy factory, pea canning factory, novelty factory.
The city's main paper plant is owned by the Western Nevrvspaper Union.  
cheese and butter are produced on the nearby farms.    Ladysmith has three
C ½,

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