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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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Covering Rural Wisconsin Effectively
JLNESVILLE, 18,293                                                   ROCK
      This is one of Wisconsin's most noted manufacturing cities. It is
further benefited by being located in a prosperous agricultural area.
Eight rural routes.
                           JANESVILLE INZEPENDENT
Circulation, 1400       /                                        Thursday
      This Janesville weekly was organized in 1901. Its present editor
is S. iv. Cooper.
                                     B W
JEFFERSON, 2575                                                 JEFFERSON
      Though Jefferson is primarily a dairying community, it is also noted
for its shoes, wagons, harrows, furniture, woodwork, woolen yarn, butter
end oleomargarine, and sleighs.   Some meat is packed in the town. Four
rural routes.
                               JEFFERSON BANNER
Circulation, 2000       Is it sworn? No.                          Thursday
Advertising rates - display, per inch 35. Classified, per word 2/.
      Agency commission, 15%. Cash discount, 2%.
mechanical requirements - width of column, 13 ers.    Depth of column, 22
      inches. Columns to page, 7. Body type, 8 pt. Screen of halftoncs,
      100. Use Mats? Yes.
Advertising representative - Lyman Browne, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
      Jefferson's early paper was the Jeffersonian, established in 1883
by W. It. Watt. The present Jefferson Banner, founded in 1860, is its
successor. Early editors of this weekly have been 'N. H. Tousley, Alden
Sanborn, J. W. Blake, 0. F. Roessler, J. 0. Perkins, Harry H. Hemmings,
I. B. Kirkland, B. R. Buri, A. I. Roessler, with C. J. Mueller editor since
                                     B W
JUNEAU, 1159                                                        DODGE
      Surrounded by a fertile farming section, Juneau bases its fame on
agriculture. Four rural routes.
                             JU14,AU INDEPENDENT
Circulation                                                        Friday
      Founded in 1893, this Dodge county newspaper is now operated by
Clifford Brothers.

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