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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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ICovering Rural Wisconsin EffeetivelyI
                                  HARTLAND NEWS
Circulation, 1500                                                  Saturday
       E. A. Travis founded The News October 1, 1893.   He served only for
year and was followed by G. F. Ramsey who edited it until 1898.    Schvwantes
Hansen served from 1898 to 1902.   Mabel V. Hansen was the editor until her
death in December, 1925.
                                __- -  B W
HAWKINS, 694                                                            RUSK
       Agriculturally speaking, this community is getting well started.
Fifteen miles north of this Rusk county town the famous lake region of
Upper Wisconsin begins. Lumber is produced in great quantities near Hawkins,
and it is used in a sash and door factory and in a local box factory.
                                HAWKINS CHRONICLE
Circulation, 300                                                     Friday
       Founded February 1, 1922, this paper was edited for two years by C,
Perry. 0. Garwood then served for eight months. E. W. and R. W. Richardson,
who publish the Ladysn'ith Journal own the paper,
                                       B W
HAYWARD, 1302                                                        SAWYER
       Hayward is perhaps best known as a tourist center. But dairying is
also of prime importance. The local creameries take much of the milk. Pota"
toes are also an important crop on the Hayward farms. The lumbering industry
of the community is a well developed enterprise.
                              SAWYER COUNTY RECORD
Circulation, 1180                                                  Thursday
       The Sawyer County Record represents a consolidation of two papers.
The Hayward Republican was established in 1892 by J. H. Williams who served
to 1902. R. a. Pugh was editor for seven years, starting 1902. The Sawyer
County Record was founded by J. h. and J. F. Williams in 1902 and operated
until 1909 when it wms consolidated with the Republican. The subsequent
editors have been E. A. Rogers, l909; W. W. Hellweg, in 1910; R. J. Hennessey,
1911-13; J. P. Williams, 1914-1915; J. P. Williams & Lorie J. Kammers,
J. P. Williams, 1917-18; and F. J. Schweger, 1919 to the present time.

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